Monday, November 9, 2009

I'm alive. Promise.

Hey, readers who haven't given up on me yet! I haven't posted recently because A) I've been superbusy and B) sometimes my life's happenings aren't that blogworthy. I just wanted to pop in to say that I'm alive, I haven't quit this blog business, aaaaaand that I'll be busy the next couple of days, too. There WILL be a post later this week. For realz.

For now, I'll leave you with this Lolcat :)

Man do I wish I was in a pool and/or lying by a pool and/or enjoying pool weather right now. But I'm too much of a busy bee!!! And I'm in Minnesota. Peace, lovlies!


  1. glad you are alive! I love those cat things they are always so cute and make me smile.

  2. Glad to here you not giving up blogging. I would love to be by a pool right now, I live in Australia and summer is just around the corner. Its hot already.

  3. Meee too. I could go for a pool. Or Australia. ;)