Thursday, October 29, 2009

Guac Rocks

Until recently, I had never made totally-from-scratch guacamole! But I have now. It was A-MA-ZING. And today’s your lucky day because here’s the recipe for this tasty masterpiece!

3 Haas avocados
1 lime, juiced
½ red onion, diced
8ish cherry tomatoes, seeded and pulp removed, diced
1-2 Tbsp fresh cilantro, chopped
1 clove garlic, minced
½ tsp ground cumin
½ tsp coarse salt
A few quick dashes of vegan Worcestershire sauce*

  1. Cut each avocado in half, remove the seed, scoop out the pulp and put in a mixing bowl. Squeeze the lime juice over the avocado pulp and mash with a fork (or a potato masher like I did).
  2. Mash in the cumin and salt, then fold in the onion, tomato, cilantro and garlic.
  3. Stir in a few quick dashes of Worcestershire sauce. (This is the secret ingredient that REALLY makes this guac special!)
  4. Refrigerate for a half hour or so, then serve soon after with tortilla chips (or whatever you want, for that matter).

*I use vegan Worcestershire sauce (like Annie’s Naturals Organic Worcestershire Sauce) because most traditional-recipe Worcestershire sauces contain anchovies … aka not vegetarian.

I know there are a bunch of ingredients, but it’s SOOOOO easy to make. I’m not sure this recipe has been perfected yet, so I’m open to your suggestions. Don’t get me wrong, it rocks. I brought it to a gathering of friends and it didn’t last long. I prefer to eat my guac with blue corn tortilla chips with flax seed or Mission tortilla strips. YUM!

I’m gonna keep this post short and sweet, but before I go you need to know about a cool giveaway Prior Fat Girl Jen is having. You could win a sample pack of Kay’s Naturals products! It all looks pretty good — and good FOR you — so head on over to Jen’s blog and enter!

I’m going to visit my best friend Morgan this weekend, and I’m hoping we make some fab semi-healthy vegetarian meals like we did when I visited in January. We’ve both been veggies for nine months and a few days, and it’s going splendidly! We’re gonna close out Vegetarian Awareness Month with a bang!!!

Peace out, friends!


  1. I've always been scared of Avacodo, but you make it look so yummy! I think I may try again :-)

  2. I the only one who does not like quac? You make it look easy to make though :) Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  3. Oh I love me some guac...might try to make this for a football party next weekend! Thanks!

  4. I love homemade guac! When I make it I use an avacado, 2 big tablespoons of diced tomates with onion, sea salt and lime juice to taste. I will have to try your version!

  5. I used to work at Tejas (in Edina) and they make the BEST table-side guac ever (also served @ Bar Abilene in Uptown). It was avocados, pico de gallo (onions and tomatoes), clove of roasted garlic... but the secret ingredients were 10 "splashes" of GREEN tabasco sauce and 2-3 "splashes" of Worcestershire. Try it with the green tabasco!


  6. I have been making a similar recipe for years and have started to pair it down as I go - you can omit the cilantro and it doesn't really impact it...I also add a squeeze of fresh orange...

    Just in case you don't know...put the pits from the avocado in the bottom of the bowl and your guac will stay green for much longer!


  7. i love home made guac. It's so yummy!! When i'm really craving it but don't have any of the ingrediants(or if I'm using leftover Avocado from a meal) I just add a little salsa until I like the taste. Not the BEST but in a pinch and on a quick craving, pretty yummy. :)

  8. Yummmmmy can't wait to try the recipe! Thanks :-)

  9. Homemade guac does not last in my household. I don't use cilantro (doesn't add much) but I use white onions v. red onions, and also dice up a few peppers (red or green hot ones) for a little spice. Also use the worcestishire like you do - it's awesome!

  10. thanks for sharing! i recently made an awesome salsa that i'm going to share on my blog soon. have a good weekend!

  11. I love guac, so thank you for this receipe! Have fun with your bestie! :)

  12. All that guac that I was eating at Cody and Liz's house was not from scratch? You have deceived me. I can't wait to try your from scratch guac sometime.

  13. Love the title.

    And yummmm....guacamole

  14. Whoa! Just stumbled upon your blog through a new follower of mine. Um, you.are.amazing. I just read a few recent posts, specifically your 65 pounds loss and I am floored! Go you!
    We're exactly the same height and weight at this point in time, what is your bottomline going to be?
    Also, I have a strong urge to go make guac ... wonder if it has anything to do with that horribly yummy photo you posted?

  15. I mix salsa and avocadoes for the EASIEST guac on the planet. If I have lime juice and cilantro on hand I will add those too.

  16. Stumbled to this post from your current one. I love guac, I will be trying your recipe!