Thursday, March 18, 2010

don't stop 'til you get enough

Hey hey hey! I've had a great week since my last post; how about you?? I've worked out 4 of the past 7 days. Go me!!!! Considering I'm usually a three-times-a-week girl, I'm pretty pumped about this.

I'm still doing the kickboxing thang Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and I'm lovin' every minute of it. Last night was big night in class. I GOT MY GLOVES!

In January I started off with bare hands, then after a week or two I stepped it up to some hand weights kinda like these.

And last night my instructor gave me my new weighted gloves! Woot woot!

I felt like a real part of the class once I switched from socks to my sweet black PUMAs, but now I'm REALLY real. I was punching harder than before, but let me tell you, they are A LOT hotter than the other weights. It was hotter than usual in the studio last night anyway (think sauna), and I was a sweatmonster. Sexy, I know, and soooo worth it. I'm seeing some arm muscles, my legs look better, I look thinner, and I FEEL stronger. It's amazing.

Onto my next whimsical adventure: Roller skating.

That's right, roller SKATING. No blades for this girl. I just don't like 'em. My parents bought me some inline skates in fourth grade, and I skated around the driveway that summer, but I just never really liked doing it.

Then last year Michelle invited me to Rollerdome at the Metrodome. We thought we'd have a choice to rent roller skates or blades, but that was false. It's sponsored by Rollerblade, after all, so blades are it.

Last March at Rollerdome (~173 lbs, btw)

I fell three times in about 1.5 hours. (Not bad for not doing it for 15 years, right? Haha just agree with me.) It was fun, but I was reminded that inline skates aren't for me.

So this year I bought a couple of Groupons for discounted Rollerdome. I knew I didn't really want to rent Rollerblades again, so I hit the interwebs and tried to find out who sells roller skates. Dick's Sporting Goods had a bunch online and, surprisingly, so did Target. I popped into the stores only to find that they don't stock them in store. And why would they?? Seriously, who roller skates?

Well, I do :) I went to Roller Garden, an indoor rink in St. Louis Park, and made my big purchase.

Take a look at these beauties!

I took them out for their inaugural run on Saturday at Rollerdome. Didn't fall once! I'm not fast or anything, but I REALLY enjoyed it. Michelle and I skated about 7 miles, and we're gonna do it again Sunday. Come on out if you live in the Cities!

Last Saturday at Rollerdome. (30 lbs less than last year!)

Now I just need my own helmet and wrist guards so I can venture outside on my own. Man, I'm gonna be the coolest kid in St. Paul this summer! Oh, roller skating, my new love :)

And now for something that totally surprised me.

It was GORGEOUS outside on Sunday, yet I had inside plans with friends. I got home around 7pm, threw on some workout clothes, and headed outside ... for a run! I figured out that I hadn't run outside in 4 or 5 months, let alone run at all. It had probably been 2 or 3 months since I'd hit the treadmill.

The conditions were perfect: The temp had cooled to the 50s, the sun was setting, there was a slight breeze, I was in a pretty great mood, my iPod was reading my mind. I didn't even walk first like I used to. I just started running. And then I couldn't stop!

I used when I got home and I had run 3.12 miles. HOLY CRAP, I'VE STILL GOT IT! That's a 5K, my friends. Thank you, kickboxing, for making me strong enough to handle an impromptu run! I'm thinking about hitting up my old Como Lake run this evening for funsies. (I hope stalkers don't read this.)

My regular workouts have finally kicked in, by the way. I started my kickboxing routine at the beginning of January and weighed 149-150. This morning I saw the lowest number I've seen in 10 years. 142.4 lbs. Wowza. (That means I'm down 76.8 lbs. Can't believe it.) I am hoping to be 139 by April 7 when I go to Mexico. Wasn't sure I would really do it, but now I know I will!!!!

What a great day :) Be love.


  1. nice job in squeezing in an extra workout! woohoo! love those pumas. so glad things are going great for you!

  2. you look GREAT! roller skating sounds so fun!!!
    you are just rockin it girl!!!

    ps... you know you inspired me to run my first 5K and I completed that this past saturday.
    34:19. Not too bad! In turn, I have inspired others to run a 5K as well... what a great little cycle, huh???

    Thank you for being such an inspiration!
    And CONGRATS on the 142!

  3. You look so cute. I totally SUCK at roller-anything.

  4. I love reading your blog and this post was just so positive and I can tell how proud of yourself you are. Great job! And cute pic :)

  5. So great Amanda! I went jogging on Sunday night too and it WAS a perfect night for it! So was last night - beautiful stars, Cheshire-cat like moon, perfect temps! I'm a newbie runner...not even up to a mile yet in my stamina, but I'm getting there!
    And I LOVE the roller skates! 7 miles! Wowza! I'm gonna have to do the Rollerdome sometime, what a great workout!

    Holly @ Making Over Me

  6. way to go!! this whole post is SO inspirational!! i am very happy that you're doing so well and AMAZE at the weight loss!! how tall are you??

  7. thanks for the encouragement, all! went running last night, i have kickboxing tonight, hoping to get out for a run tomorrow, and then roller skating sunday! i'm just a physical activity machine lately :)

    alanna: i'm 5' 5 1/2"

  8. You are kicking ass and taking names. That roller skating picture is BEYOND cute! Where are you going in Mexico? Are you going to rock a bikini? I would love to rock a two-piece this summer, we'll see if I make it there.

  9. i think on sunday we need to take some better posted shots, without blue chairs everywhere...the 'dome is just not very photogenic though! not like you! also, remember tiedye next time.

  10. Wow Amanda. Absolutely wonderful! Congrats on continuing to lose weight, not sure how you do it! And rollerskating looks fun, but I have to admit, I was always a blade girl! :-)

  11. I'm blade girl like Sarah, but we should hit the dome sometime! Let me know next time you go!

  12. Oh man, I LOVE rollerskating. Occasionally when I can't deal with a *seriousface* workout on Tuesday nights, the hubbs and I will hit up adult skate night.

    And you look great! I'm totally going to have to look into kung fu... I wish I had like 12 days a week so I could fit in running and weights and kung fu and yoga and swimming and...and...and... sigh...

  13. Wow girly you look great! How tall are you? I'm pretty sure I didn't look as skinny as you when I weighed 145 lbs, but I'm only 5'2"...