Monday, March 22, 2010

Open House in the Twin Cities!

So you know how I'm pretty into kickboxing? I've boasted about it here and here and here and here, so I don't see how you couldn't :)

I'm whipping up this post before tonight's class, and I'm excited to go. I had kinda a drab Monday and could really use it. You see, if I'm tired or in a bad mood before class, I still go and then VOILA! I'm energized and happy.

Some might say the same thing about working out in general, but that's not always true for me. I can enter the gym for a treadmill-and-weights workout and exit with the same crappy mood. Kickboxing's different. It doesn't feel like a workout! Well, my muscles would beg to differ, but what I mean is that it's so fun you don't dread it.

Do you have a particular workout about which you feel the same way? Hollaback and maybe I'll give that a shot, too. Any exercise that puts me in a good mood and doesn't feel like work is A-OK in my book.


There's going to be an open house from 12-4 PM this Saturday, March 27, at my kung-fu studio (151 Silver Lake Road, New Brighton)!

But wait! There's more! This open house isn't just for American Kung-fu Studio, but it's also for Style 151, Tan I Am, and Mind, Body, Sole. Man oh man, this open house combines some of my favorite things: kickboxing, massages, getting my hair done, tanning, and freebies! Sounds like a great time. You really should go! (I'm talking to you, Mpls/St Paulies and Liz who lives in New Brighton.)

Here's the schedule for the day:

12-1:00 PM
chair massage; chiropractic exam; paraffin hand wax/foot bath detox; qigong healing

1-1:30 PM
kung Fu & self-defense demos

1:30-2:30 PM
chair massage; chiropractic exam; paraffin hand wax/foot bath detox; qigong healing

2:30-3:00 PM
kung Fu & self-defense demos

3:00-4:00 PM
chair massage; chiropractic exam; paraffin hand wax/foot bath detox; qigong healing

Along with free product samples and snacks, you can enter to win:
  • 1 month free kickboxing or youth kung fu
  • free hair product/$25 gift certificate at Style 151
  • free month unlimited tans/free ultra bronz
  • free bottle of tan lotion
I'm going to try my best to make it there in the early afternoon before hitting up Dave and Buster's for Michelle's birthday. I can't resist free stuff! I know the idea is to get new people into these businesses, but I REALLY want to win the free month of kickboxing :)

So, who's going? Mark it on your calendar now and do it. Kthxbye.


  1. I wish I lived there. That sounds fun!!

  2. I'm so proud of you!!!

    Love to you! :)

  3. OMG pick me up on the way to D&B! i totally want a paraffin hand wax and to win a free month of kick boxing! and then you have to come to yoga with me! it doesn't generally pump me up, but i feel very relax and happy after.

  4. I want to find a kickboxing class near me so bad but I can't!

    I have to admit, as I was reading I thought you were going to say you are going to start teaching a kickboxing class. You'd rock it!

  5. I miss kickboxing.. The gym here in Germany doesn't off it but they do have Zumba classes.Love it and if you have a really good teacher like I do you can take the moves to the dance floor!

  6. Sounds like a super fun event.
    My class is yoga. Sometimes I dread it, usually I look forward to it, always I leave feeling a lot better than when I came in.
    9 weight loss

  7. i'm hella jealous. i'd love to come, but it's a tad too far...
    so glad you've discovered a passion for kickboxing -- sounds like you're having a blast & kicking some major fat cells to the curb!

  8. Okay, you'll get a kick out of this...
    If my sit off ends in a loss and I MUST go, I do a fake wrap up and washing of the hands (complete with turning on water and pulling paper towels) and then I head down to the 2nd floor.
    The 2nd floor has a suite where they place blind people with seeing eye dogs, so there are a number of blind people on that floor.
    So I figure, why not go there, chances are they'd never know who I was anyway cause they can't see me!

    .... I'm terrible, I know!

  9. Sounds awesome! Too bad my Saturday is already packed full AND I live in the complete opposite end of the metro (Shakopee) or I would be there...would love to try out kung-fu someday! :)

    Holly @ Making Over Me

  10. I wish I lived closer! I would soooo come!