Tuesday, May 25, 2010

i like to move it move it

i am such a weirdo. i wrote most of this last week and forgot to post it! better late than never …

i looooooove the way my body feels ever since i began kickboxing three days a week in early january. i see definition in my arms, my calves look fabulous (if i do say so myself), and i think my face must be thinner or something. i really haven’t lost more than a couple of pounds since january, but people who haven’t seen me for a few months are all like, “wow! you look great! you’ve lost more weight!” nope. i haven’t. perhaps my bod is just shifting?

ever since i started training for my first 5K last summer, i’ve realized that i would much rather be active for more days of the week than not. i mean, that’s how often we all SHOULD be active, but not everyone is.

if i need to miss a day of kickboxing during the week, i feel yucky if i don’t do some other activity instead. i missed last wednesday’s class, so i went hiking the sunday prior and attended a stretching clinic on saturday. the hiking was vigorous in a heartrate-accelerated kinda way; the stretching clinic was not. BUT they were both physical activities, nonetheless. gotta mix it up, people!

and then there’s the dreaded situation where you don’t exercise for a few days … which turn into a couple more … and then what??? i know that if i don’t get back into it asap, i’m a goner. thank goodness i have a set kickboxing schedule.

speaking of a set schedule, i need to get my butt in gear and start running again. i’m running my second 5K one month from tomorrow, and i don’t want to suck!

i seriously thought about going for a run after kboxing last night, even though it was crazyhot and humid … but then i REALLY got thinking about the heat warning that was in effect for the area, and i didn’t want to spontaneously pass out during my run. so, instead, i did the next most logical thing:

i met some friends at grumpy’s and had two hard ciders and a plate of tater tots.

really?? REALLY, AMANDA!!?? you’re sabotaging yourself.

this brings me to another point. i’ve felt pretty invincible for the past month or so … and not in a good way. too many crappy food choices have slithered their way into my diet here and there. i used to have more willpower.

but here’s where the problem comes in: i haven’t really gained weight. so more and more often i haven’t been making the healthiest food decisions. old habits die hard, indeed! i’ve only noticed that i’ve felt a little more bloaty over the past few days (or maybe a week), and i think it’s finally caught up with me.

and i’ve learned a powerful lesson in the process! (and isn’t that what it’s all about? besides the hokey pokey, of course.)


as long as i am active three or more days per week, a not-so-healthy meal and a few calorie-laden adult bevies every so often won’t really negatively affect me. as long as i don’t let it all spiral out of control. everything in moderation. pretty sure i’ve got a handle on it right now, but i still need to watch it.

i would really like to bump up my physical activity from three days a week to five, and that’ll NEED to happen if i want to rock my 5K. maybe i should count workouts instead of days? i can see myself running some of the same days i have kboxing. yeah. i’ll do that.

goal: work out five times per week

S: I will kickbox three days and run two days each week. If that isn’t possible, my workouts will total five (or six! for funsies) per week.
M: I will track my activities on my calendar for at least one month.
A: Heck yes it’s attainable! Because I rock. And it’s only adding two runs a week.
R: I can fairly easily head outside for 45 minutes twice a week instead of watching TV in the evening, or I can run before work in the morning.
T: I will do this for at least the month leading up to my 5K on June 26.

It’s on like Donkey Kong, folks.

PS I recently found www.hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com and I’m in love. It’s my new fav blog by a long shot. Totally my kinda humor, and Allie is a genius.

PPS Natalie Dee is now blocked at work :(

PPS Why did I start using initial caps after rockin the lowercase post up until my SMART goal? Nobody knows.

PPPS Happy Random LOLCats Post Day!


  1. I love my kickboxing class too! Its right up there in my top 3 for sure (along with running and spinning) And you're right! It does give you some awesome arms..I get compliments on 'em all the time. Good for you for finding activity that you truly love and want to stick with.

  2. I love those cat pictures :)

    Sounds like a good workout schedule!!

    Hard ciders are one of my favorite adult bevies and you're right a few "bad" foods here and there won't hurt you because you are fabulous and active!

  3. Thanks for posting the link to the hyperbole blog- I am laughing my ass off right now. So funny!

  4. um... why didn't i get a shout out for turning you on to hyperbole? thanks. thanks for nothing. smell ya later.

    p.s. loved the smart goal. totally attainable. you rock!


  5. Oh kickboxing. I am impressed. I was never coordinated enough for that! I also found I feel better when I work out more. Quite shocking to admit that to myself after not starting until adulthood.

  6. well, you did use caps in THIS IS MY LIFESTYLE NOW, so there's that.

  7. Yes! - I love the LOL cats.

    Yay- you get it - it is a lifestyle. You can have "bad" food once in a while, but it shouldn't be a habit.

  8. I feel the same about moving it - I'm now up to 5-6 days a week and I'm feelin' like a slacker on the day or 2 I don't. When I was running HARD and training srsly I needed the days off but now that it's just biking or swimming or something chill? I like to be active just about every day.

    Kickboxing is definitely on my to do list someday... ;)

    I'm trying to take off 10 lbs but that whole "lifestyle" thing is getting in the way. I know how to maintain my weight, but losing? Argh. I feel like I did that for long enough and now I'm sick of it. Blargh.

  9. Quix: I TOTALLY hear you! I want to lose 10 lbs, too, but I'm sick and tired of the losing weight business. I feel fine now, so why lose more? I've had enough! But I know I want to lose those last 10 sometime soonish. We'll see when!

  10. I am a huge kickboxing fan too! I did it for a year leading up to my wedding and it got me in the shape of my life! I too am a loyal weight watchers member so I can relate to your story. You're an inspiration, keep it up!

  11. Dey hatin'

    Love it! The zombie cat is my fav though.

    Where are the Mexico pics?

  12. yeaaaahh .... busted on the mexico pics. my computer is still wonky, so i haven't wanted to add all my pics to the computer only to have them wiped away if the virus strikes up again. i NEED to put all my stuff on the external hard drive i bought. the mex pics post will happen ... i just need to get my butt in gear :)

  13. Every time I read a post from Hyperbole and a Half I laugh so hard I cry. Allie is seriously one of the most hilarious people out there. I'm so glad to hear you have a sense of humor that appreciates her blog. :-D

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