Thursday, May 27, 2010

weekend worries *updated*

i have pretty much the same thing for breakfast every weekday. i devour a banana while my computer boots up at work. then, between 9:30 and 10:30 i make myself some instant oatmeal. right now i have a variety pack that contains lower-sugar versions of apples & cinnamon, maple & brown sugar, and cinnamon & spice. i close my eyes and grab a packet on the way out the door each morning. the silly pleasures in my life.

i prefer to make my oatmeal in a mug. i don't know why.

here's my newest vessel:

michelle and i bought them on sale at caribou coffee. she said to me the other day that everything's more fun when consumed out of a swirly party mug. i agree! my oatmeal has been downright rowdy since switching from a blah mug i won at dave & buster's.

i almost forgot about the best part!

here's the inside:

party mug 2010 woooooo!!!! (t-shirt lift)

ok ok enough with the funny business. time to get real. i have three things working against me this weekend, and i'd appreciate any advice y'all wanna throw at me regarding any/all of these points.
  1. i'm heading back to my hometown for the long holiday weekend. i tend to eat like crap at my parents' house even though my mom is supernice and usually has bananas, other fruit and some veggies for me to eat. i tend to eat the bananas and bypass the other stuff.
  2. i'm attending my cousin's high school grad party all day saturday. buffet-style eating is my nemesis because i'm such a grazer. i do know that they're having famous dave's food at the party, so maybe there will be some corn on the cob? i know there will be salad, but i'm fairly certain is like iceberg lettuce with carrots in it. yuck. i don't eat meat, so how will i be satisfied without pigging out on snacks and desserts all day?? oh yeah, i'm sure there will be beer, too.
  3. i'm gonna be hanging out with friends ... and there will be adult-bevie consumption. nothin crazy, but increased cals nonetheless.
by the way, i'll probably be in a swimsuit on sunday and/or monday. i don't want to be bloaty from junkfood and drinkies!

if these are the worst things i have to worry about lately, i have a pretty good life :) i hate sounding like a pouty baby when things could be MUCH worse. i'd still appreciate your feedback, though ;)

lastly, i've been a vegetarian for 16 months as of today! loving every minute of it. i feel stupendous! happy 16 months to you, too, morgieborg!

UPDATED: check out michelle's blog to see the fun we had on sunday. i painted the best bowl evaaaaaaaaa!


  1. what?? Another blog update? your smokin!

    I'm totally in love with the mug!

    Have a great weekend - be strong out there in Wisconsin okay?

  2. I think the key for a weekend like that is, and it will sound cliched, moderation. Nibble here and there but don't go overboard. Get as many veggies as you can and fill up on them first. And most of all, enjoy yourself and don't get too caught up on all the food hoopla :)

  3. Ugh, weekends are tough. Especially long, {party} weekends. I would start with your typical breakfast. Stick to oatmeal and fruit to start your day out well. Try to eat low-cal salads so you don't overdo go WAY over points with food and beverages... Otherwise ENJOY! One weekend will not make you fat.

  4. i said that? well, it's totally true! although drinking hot cider when i'm already warm is a recipe for disaster. and sweatiness. darn the morning sun!
    If they have bbq sauce on the side, put some of that on a plain bun! maybe take your own veggie burgers and ask to microwave one and make your own sandwich! this is the greatest idea i've had all week!
    i unintentionally ate veggie yesterday! those morningstar chik'n nuggets are tasty.

  5. I wish I had some advice, but I always over eat during holidays.

    Are you we going to see some pics of Mexico soon?

  6. everyone is totally busting me on the mexico pics! i finally downloaded new antivirus software, so i am no longer scared of uploading all my pictures onto the computer only to lose them all in a horrible crash. i'm hopeful that i'll do it after the holiday weekend! *fingers crossed*

  7. Best mug ever! I think that's a great way to start the day. Happy 16 months!

  8. I'm pretty nervous about this darn weekend too.
    This could sound dorky, but put some nuts etc. in your purse. It's worth it!!
    Have fun!!!
    Remember you are there too hang out with everyone, not just to eat. Hey, that's a good reminder, I think I'll hang onto it too.

  9. Congrats on 16 months! That is a RAD mug. I like! I'm generally of the mind that vacations and holidays are times to enjoy - and I just try to eat reasonably and exercise off all my booze. :) Have a great one!

  10. t-shirt lift. :)

    I'll kiss you for being a vegetarian... and giva a holla! ;)

    and i totally agree about the buffets being a killer! us grazers have a hard life when it comes to that. similar to when the free chips and salsa keep showing up. i know your weekend is over so the advice is a bit too late, but something that helps me is to chew gum after plate number one and to keep drinking water to keep my tum tum full. :)


  11. hope you had a great weekend!