Tuesday, June 8, 2010

sporty spice

no one can predict what i’ll wear to work each day. heck, i can’t even do it. yesterday, for instance, my hair was down and curled beautifully. i wore a purple-and-black wraparound shirt, black pencil skirt and black pumps. i looked like a professional grownup!

today i am sporty spice.
(yikes i need to clean up that stuff behind me.
and take out my headphones if i'm gonna snap a pic?)

my ponytailed hair is held back by a bright green elastic headband. i’m wearing a dark gray and neon yellow puma jacket over a purple john mayer concert t-shirt, black skinny jeans and ’80s-throwback-patterned TOMS.

how do you describe the pattern of these besides AWESOME?!

fairly certain i’ve crossed the line of casualness at work today, but it’s raining, so sue me.

this ensemble has actually done me some good today! my outfit (in combination with this morning’s half-caf cold press coffee with a shot of white chocolate) has encouraged me to move faster and do more with my everyday tasks.

my continuous water-drinking causes many a bio break, and i’ve gone to the restroom two floors down each time. i hustle down the two flights effortlessly, but the two flights up get me a tiny bit winded. in my defense, i’ve heard that each flight in my building is actually 1.5, so my trip is equivalent to 3 flights each way … er something …

i’ve been walking faster than usual today. i don’t walk that slowly usually, but i've been told i'm “like a hummingbird on speed” when i have my occasional coffee. it feels good to walk fast! keeps my mood and energy up! if our bodies can handle it, why not? sure beats walking around like a mope on a rainy tuesday.

and here’s the out-of-the-ordinary thing my outfit (and coffee) inspired me to do. while printing a 124-page document, i did standing pushups against a file cabinet!

i decided to strip down to my sports bra and spandex shorty shorts while i did it, so i could feel the maximum burn. SO kidding. that’s not me in the picture. obv.

i loved that i was being productive while my item printed! it felt great, too. i was strong and pushupy. however, i was wondering the entire time what i’d tell someone if they walked in and witnessed my in-office workout. thankfully no one saw me … this time.

i rule that my too-casual outfit was just fine for today. other people in the office complained about being chilly, but not me! suckas.

last week's results regarding my SMART goal of working out five times per week: i worked out three times. so i didn’t meet my goal, but i did replace my canceled kickboxing class with a run. yay?

i’d use my sporty/caffeinated energy to go for a run this evening, but it’s raining and the treadmill … well, i just don’t like the treadmill anymore. i should probably just suck it up. i have a 5K to run in 18 days!!!!!!!! eek.

and now, to close things out, one of my friend jen and my favorite natalie dee’s that is so appropriate i could scream. you’re welcome :)


UPDATE: i was going to forgo the workout tonight (tsk tsk) because liz invited me over for dinner and a movie with her and cody. BUT i ran a 5k on the treadmill when i got home (at 9:45!) because i wasn't tired yet. rock on, me!


  1. Cute outfit!! I wish I had more say it how I dress for work. Jeans on Friday, that's it. =(

  2. dude i LOVED LOVED LOVED this post! You are brill xxx

  3. I love that you use bathroom breaks and random office work to get some exercise in! I truly believe thats what its all about: Finding small ways to be more active. We all only have so much time to devote to intentional exercise so adding in little ways to burn a few extra calories is a great way to keep fit. Awesome!

  4. it's not raining anymore! so get off the couch and RUN!! i've sworn i will be doing that in 30-45 mins, once i feel my supper is thoroughly digested so i don't get a tummy ache.

  5. I'm with Michelle, get your butt off the couch and get some cardio in lady!

    Your post is a good reminder that I need to play my hide-and-workout game. I try to sneak workouts in at work when no one is looking and if I get caught, game over...embarrassed! If I win, I get the satisfaction of knowing I just did 15 full squats at my desk without getting caught and get to sit down at my desk with a little smirk. Ah, the simple things in life!

  6. Just have to say this, you are beautiful. Do you know that???
    And, great idea to do the steps for the bathroom breaks. I was wearing heals today and would have broken my neck, but it it now on my to-do list.

  7. Hey, how often do you get told that you look just like Cuddy from House? Because you look just like Cuddy from House. :) Nice photos!

  8. Thanks for the shout out, love! And you know I always love your garb, professional or sporty, every look goes with a smile!

    Are you serious I just wrote that? Yep, yep I did. Luh.

  9. You are so flipping cute! When you said you stripped down to your sports bra - I was stating to wonder what kind of job you have! ;-)

  10. Hi Amanda -
    I have a friend looking for a kickboxing studio in the metro area. What is the name of the studio you go to?

  11. I've already emailed Nicole, but I figured if she was wondering where I kickbox, maybe someone else is curious, too! I go to American Kung-Fu Studio in New Brighton. Come to a class! It's beyond great! http://americankungfu.com/

  12. Your before and afters are so encouraging! Thanks for sharing...and you're super funny to boot!

  13. Now...that is totally cool to be active whenever you really want to be active, e.g. the pushups, the 5k, etc. This really indicates that fitness is a lifestyle and not just something you feel you have to do. Oh...and I doubt anyone would have given you flack for your workplace workout.

  14. Adorable! I could feel your energy oozing out of that post :)

  15. You are wired!

    Run in the rain!

  16. hilarious. i'm the same way at work. as a teacher, anything goes. sometimes i look like one of the kids, other times i look like a lawyer.

    nice toms! i just got the gold shiny sparkly ones. love!

  17. hahha I totally thought you were serious about stripping down to your sports bra and shorts and I was like damn girl! haaha.

  18. Thanks for the information, Amanda! I passed along the studio info to my friend.
    Hope you are having a great day!

  19. Cute post today.....I can TOTALLY tell you were hyped on coffee when you wrote it :-)

  20. Congrats on getting a workout in! The treadmill is kinda annoying but if you pump some good tunes, it's over before you know it. I'm up for a 10k on it tonight - and even kinda looking forward to it. Yeah, I know I'm insane.

    I feel ya on the work clothes - working in video games means the dress code is essentially "wear clothes", so today I'm wearing jeans, sandals, a nike t-shirt, and a striped hoodie. Yesterday, I had on a fancy dress, cardigan, and heels. That's just how it rolls.

  21. I LOVE your sporty spice look, a friend of mine calls the hair all piled up and with a headband, the sorority girl hair, I sport that nearly everyday!! Good for you too for tracking your goals!

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