Thursday, August 13, 2009

Finding Balance

Alright, kids, get excited. I weighed 157.8 yesterday. HOLY COW! One minute (read: more than three months) I can’t get out of the 160s … and now I’m officially in the 150s?! I know I weighed-in in this decade at my Monday meeting, but I was still on the brink and didn’t believe I’d stay there. This means I have less than 20 pounds to lose until I reach my goal! Whoopty woop!

Here’s the kicker: I am visiting one of my best friends for an extended weekend. Right now, I’m 500 miles away from my Saint Paul home, and I’ll be here until bright and early Sunday morning. EEK! Getting together with old friends, especially out of town, is usually a no-win situation for me. You go out to dinner. You get drinks. You sit around and chat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. This isn’t just for a day. Or two. It’s 3 days/4 nights.

My flight was delayed an hour last night, and I was famished when I got here. Brianna and I tried to go to Noodles & Company, but it was closed for the evening. Instead we opted for the Chipotle next door. (There was really nothing else in sight.) I got a burrito bowl with cilantro-lime rice, black beans, fajita vegetables, pico de gallo, corn salsa, a bit of cheese, a tad of sour cream, a medium-sized glob of guac, and some romaine lettuce. Definitely heavy on the cals, BUT I made a wise choice with the bowl rather than wrapping it all in a 290-calorie tortilla (with 670 mg of sodium, yikes!).

When we got back to Brianna’s, she asked if I wanted a drink — and I chose water. Not that it’s SO crazy that I passed up a drink, but the Captain on the counter and the Diet Coke in the fridge looked mighty tasty. We stayed up talking until nearly 3am and then hit the sack.

So far, I think I’m doing well on this trip of mine. Given, I’ve only been here for 12 hours and eaten one meal. But I’ve made some good decisions! I brought my tennies, and I’m planning on going for a walk in the park with Brianna … when she wakes up. I like to know the area when I venture out alone for a run, so the walk will show me where to go. THEN, I’ll get up to run/walk Friday and Saturday mornings! I’m still kinda making up my own rules for my 5K training, but Tuesday I ran a mile without stopping before converting to run/walk. Obviously not a huge deal for runners, but an accomplishment for me :)

Also, I stepped on Brianna’s scale this morning, and dun dun duuuuuuun — it was dead. Is it weird that I want to ask her to replace the batteries while I’m here?

We’ll probably have a pretty healthy day eating-wise today, but three or four more friends are getting together with us Friday and Saturday. That means drinking and eating. I insist that we go to this cheap little authentic Mexican restaurant that I love at least once. I know for sure we’re having veggie lasagna our friend Ryan is bringing on Friday. Brianna and I have talked about eating a healthy dinner on Saturday, but I’m still worried. Drinking on the weekends tends to negatively impact my Monday-evening weigh-in, too. AND I’m usually not as good about getting in the H20 when I’m out of my element, so that’s another thing of which to be mindful. I’m hopeful that my morning jogs will at least keep the gain a bit smaller.

Soooo many things to consider. Do you have any advice??? I’m in need of some feedback. I’m here to relax and have fun, but I don’t want to be kicking myself when I return to the real world.

Wish me luck! Since I wake up earlier than Brianna, I’ll sneak in some more morning posts while my host is still asleep. And I’ll have pictures next time! Peace and love.

PS I just realized that I haven't been in the 150s in five years. That blows my mind.


  1. Congratulations!! That's awesome

  2. congrats on the weight loss!
    keep that in the front of your mind while on your trip! it will help you make good choices while eating out.
    don't be afraid to order food your way! if you want something that has a high fat/calorie componant, ask that it be left out. or on the side.
    you can do it!
    and have fun too!

  3. Great job on the weight loss! And on making good choices! You sound very mindful to me!

    When I am in a new environment, I try to think about what I'll eat/drink beforehand as much as possible. For example, I make the conscious decision not to eat bread or to only drink water... But, I think it's also important to allow yourself a little bit of fun... One drink, for example, won't ruin it... But I'm conscious to stop after that.

    Enjoy your time with your friends! :)

  4. Yeah for the 150's! Ah - maz - ing! Have FUN on your trip and try to remember this is still life. Try to enjoy yourself just don't indulge in everything - have the fun beverages but fill your plate up with veggies first. Eat dessert but stick to a lighter meal!

    Either way, just make sure you have a blast ;o)

  5. 150's!! Congrats! Seems like this is a traveling week for the Prior Fat Girls - enjoy your trip! :)

  6. Congrats!

    Vodka has no sugar and seltzer water has no calories. Flavor it with an orange slice. Also, drink a large glass of water between adult beverages.

    I have no suggestions for the're on your own there...but remember, it took 3 months to break the barrier between 60 and 59.

    But mostly, Dear, just have fun!


  7. Congrats on the weight loss! I've been in the same boat myself: I've been in the 190's since March, and JUST got to the 180's yesterday. So, totally know how you feel! It's exciting to finally feel like you're getting somewhere again. I don't remember the last time I was in the 180's. Crazy!

    Here's what I would recommend on the drinks. I would just drink a full glass of water between drinks. So like, glass of wine, water, rum and diet coke, water. I would probably stop after two drinks and stick with water from then on, just because it is empty calories/points. Personally, I would much rather eat my calories/points.

    Anyways, I hope that helps! I hope you have a good weekend!

  8. Tip: Since you don't see your friends very often, try to focus SO much more on the conversation than what you're eating/drinking. Sip, sip, sip a drink or maybe pre-plan how much of your dinner you're comfortable eating for your health....and just make some kind of barricade (and don't cross it!).

    What do you want to remember more when you go back home: time with your friends or guilt that you got off track?

    It's so good that your friends are supportive! :)


  9. congrats on the 150's. i haven't been so close to the 120's in about 4 years. i totally know how you feel! you got it girl!

  10. Yay - awesome work getting into the 150's!! As for advice - I love the running/walking idea - so that's a winner (and ps - running your first mile - so not a small deal when you're starting out - don't put yourself down!), how about grabbing a bottle of water you can refill and carry in your bag, or keep with you round the house during the day - that might help with the H20 problem and also help keep appetite at bay a bit. Make sure you drink a good big glass before you eat your meals out, to take the edge off your appetite, and maybe make sure you've always got a tap water or diet soda on the table at the restaurant and then you can alternate your alcoholic drinks - I find that really works to keep me on the level when everyone else is knocking it back! Otherwise, my tactic when I'm away is to buy some fruit or cereal bars and keep them in my bag for when I need a healthy snack, so I don't get too ridiculously hungry and go overboard at the next meal.

    Overall - ENJOY IT!!!

  11. Congrats on the loss Amanda - that's awesome!

    Try to keep in mind how awesome it feels to finally be down in that next level of your weight loss, and how hard you worked to get there. Drink a lot of water and try to make as many good choices as you can.

  12. Congrats on the loss and being in the 150's!!

  13. Yay! Congrats on being in the 150s. I'm there too and want out!!! As for vacation, try to be conscious and make good decisions and a little exercise is always good, but indulge a little. I dunno about you, but I'll sacrifice a little on the food side to drink with friends and still keep the calories about the same.

    Enjoy it and realize that once you go back to normal healthy eating it will melt away again if you do happen to gain. :)

  14. congrats to you, you are on a roll! being at a weight that you have not seen in 5 years is something to smile about. great option on choosing the bowl over the tortilla. sounds like you are doing well. honestly... i think you should leave the scale dead. maybe it is a sign, forget about the scale for a few days and embrace the time you have with you friend. the scale will be there when you get home. i am saying this because i used to have a very unhealthy addiction to the scale. it was obsessive. it was ridiculous. i now have not weighed myself in 4 months. i dont know that i ever will again! haha well, i probably will, but only like at the doc office or something. ok so other advice i have to offer is just eat less. sure you will be going to unhealthy spots! you are on a trip! but just eat smaller portions. savor the part of the delicious meal that you do eat, enough to satisfy that hunger and those taste buds but not so much that you over do it and feel like garbage for over indulging. and chug water like it is nobody's business because that will flush out all that sodium from eating out and will help you will more full. as far as alcohol goes, mix vodka and water with a whole bunch of lemon or lime squirt into it. you will do fine :) xo

  15. WOW. 150s! You amaze me!

    I deal with this almost every weekend. You're on track all week, then come weekend it's beers, shots, and hangover food, so good for you for choosing the water! Eating while away from home is the ultimate test in how much you've learned when it comes to diet. See if you can look up nutrition facts before you go (although this means you'll most likely have to eat at chains). Whatever you do, think of this: the fact that you're conscious of what you're doing is the best sign! And don't let it ruin your time with friends! Even if you gain a few, you'll bounce back.

  16. Awesome job Amanda! Getting back to a weight that you haven't seen in 5 years is an amazing feat! As far as advice about the eating, friends, drinking and late nights... that can be tough. What I do is take a picture of EVERYTHING that I eat or drink and then come back and post everything on my blog. This totally keeps me accountable and if it's food I don't want my bloggies to see because it's 'bad', I don't eat it. Try it... we're all here to help keep you accountable!

  17. It sounds like you're doing all the right things. You're being conscious of your decisions and making the healthiest ones you can while still having fun. I think your runs/walks and trying to eat healthy will go a long way!

  18. I am so loving you right now. 150's!!! That a girl. Have a great time this weekend, smiles and laughs burn calories. I am sure of it.

    See you bright and early Sunday morning. I will bring my happy sunshiny face. Love love you.

    PS. This is Emily, I have to be anonymous because my computer hates me. You probably already new it was me. :)

  19. dammit...knew. Sorry it's to late for me.

  20. Congrats on the new loss - being in a new decade is so fantastic!

    As for suggestions, most of what I would recommend has been posted above, so I'm not much help. Just try to have fun, drink more water than you think you need, and get your walks/runs in.

  21. a little delayed but congratulations none the less on getting into the 150's! WAHOO!!! That is so flippin' aweseom!

    AND, way to go on bringing your healthy mindset with you on vacation!

  22. Amanda, it was good to meet you at Kim's memorial! Congratulations on reaching the 150's!! Keep up the good work on your training for the 5K, I hate running,, good on you!

    ~Joy (Jen's cuz)