Saturday, August 15, 2009

For the Love of Corn

Thank you all SO much for the advice and support regarding my last post. I went for a run yesterday and this morning. I had a bottle of water between glasses of wine last night. I focused more on the conversations with my friends than on the food in front of us. The battery in Brianna’s scale is still dead, so I haven’t weighed myself since I’ve been here. I’m expecting a gain when I get home tomorrow, but it won’t be nearly as bad as it would have been, say, two years ago when I wasn’t thinking about my health as much as I am now.

This is gonna be a supershort post because I want to tell you all about my trip, but I also want to SHOW you. I won’t be able to post my pictures ’til tomorrow, so stay tuned :)
I’m writing this post tonight because my friends and I need a little help. Well, Brianna needs help, more specifically. We grilled 18 ears of corn, and there were 8 left over. I cut the kernels off, but now Brianna has a container full of corn she doesn’t know what to do with. Of course she could just eat it on the side of meals, but what fun is that? She suggested that I throw the situation at you, and YOU can share some recipes or ideas with us!

We made the BEST corn-on-the-cob I’ve had in my life, and she really doesn’t want this wonderful corn to go to waste. Keep in mind, she’s a single gal on-the-go. The easier (and tastier!) the ideas, the better.

Thanks in advance for your help! I know you’ll throw some good stuff at us. I’ll be back in Saint Paul tomorrow morning at 8:30 (boooo early flights cutting my trip short), so I’m planning to share lots of stories and pics with you tomorrow. LOVE!


  1. Hey Amanda,

    I don't have any good recipes for corn (sorry!) but I can't wait to hear what others say. My friends makes a really good corn "pancake" with oatmeal, cornmeal, fresh corn, and eggs. Maybe just try playing around with the ingredients?


  2. Oh maybe try mixing it into some salsa. If she has any leftover she can always save it for birds or deer if she's around a park.

    Great idea to mix the water between wines! I'm sure the scale will be nice when you return home!

  3. Put a couple of cups each in freezer bags and enjoy it through the winter!

  4. I agree with kelly... Freeze it in portions she'll eat so that she can enjoy whenever she wants. I don't have any "corn" recipes. I admit... we don't eat corn very often because of it's starchiness.... but I do miss it. My FAVORITE thing to do with leftover corn used to be making cornbread. i would put it in my blender to break it up into smaller chunks than it is... make some cornbread and add it in. hhhhmmmm... always a yummy way to add in some extra yummy corn flavor. :) otherwise... I wish i knew some to share.

    As for the water and wine. That's my philosophy... 1c water per every "drinkable" treat. wine, tea, soda (that i dont' drink)coffee... all of it... I always try to balance it out and "flush it out" with following it with water. :)

    Have a great last day of vacation. And don't worry about the scale. it's part of being on vacation. :)

  5. I love corn! I make a "summer salad" with tomatoes, black beans, cucumbers, edamame, red onions, lemon juice, balsamic vinegear, salt & pepper. And corn of course! I use fresh corn, canned corn, or grilled corn.

    I love the idea of freezing the corn!

    Looking forward to the stories & pictures! :)

  6. Mmm, that "summer salad" above sounds delicious.

    She can certainly freeze it for future use.

    I love to add corn to some of my soups. My favourite would be in a southwestern chicken type soup. There's a ton of variations of this that can be made.

  7. I just started reading your blog last week. A quick fix salad that I LOVE uses corn, black beans, garbonzo beans, avacado, purple onion, cilantro, a light drizzle of olive oil and juice of a lime and a few teaspoons of Cumin. Adjust the recipe to have as much or as little of whatever you like. Even better the next day!!

  8. i have no suggestions, except to say that i watched the second half of an Iron Chef America epsiode last night and the secret ingredient was corn. i didn't see the end, but bobby flay totally won. he put corn in EVERYTHING (waffle for one); the challenger made corn ice cream and maybe a flan. it was crazy.

  9. OMG, I love the summer salad idea! I may grill some corn just to make it ;)