Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I’M 50! 50 YEARS OLD!

OK, I’m 25. But I do like to kick! And streeeeetch! And kick! Google Sally O’Malley if you don’t know what I’m talkin’ about. Ahloveit.

I’m going to my third kickboxing class tonight and I’m superpumped! It’s really fun and a lot of hard work — the perfect combo!

The first two-thirds of the 45-minute class is more cardio-focused and has all the kicking, and, well, boxing. I’m not using the weighted boxing gloves yet, but you KNOW it’ll be crazy when I do. I’ll look like a real toughie (as my mom would say).

I know I’ve used this picture before, but I love it and I’m the boss.

The last third of the class focuses more on strengthening our cores with planks, pushups and ab exercises with and without medicine balls. THIS is the part that kicks my butt. On Monday night we had to do all of our pushups with our arms in close to our bodies. NOT easy. I’m not great at pushups as it is, and then to throw that at me! So worth it, though, because I can really feel it in my arms today :)

I can also feel Monday night’s workout in my abs. I was never a plank fan before, but I like them now. I feel so strong when I’m sticking to the position and not giving up!

I’m really REALLY enjoying kickboxing as an alternative to the treadmill during the winter. I’ll have a tough decision to make at the end of the month. You see, I only paid half price for this month’s session. I don’t know if I’ll be up for paying $50/month for this class that’s ONLY offered Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings. I like to have more of a choice. And, since I’m going to begin WW receptionist training next Tuesday (holla!), I don’t know if I want to automatically decrease my availability by three evenings a week. Sooooo much to figure out in the next couple of weeks.

INSPIRATION: I was talking to a man in my class who’s been going there for about five years. He quit smoking years ago and gained 30-35 pounds. He lost 50 pounds after he started attending this kickboxing class. Nice! Maybe I should stick with it after all!

Two things before I go:
  • Priorfatgirl Jen is organizing a get-together for healthy-living bloggers in the Mpls/StPaul area. We’re meeting for dinner on Thursday, January 21. Wanna come? Find the deets here.
  • One of the things my calendar reminded me to be happy about yesterday was “having pizzazz.” I just liked that one :)
That is all.


  1. Sooooo wish I lived near you guys so I could come to your blogger meet-up. That would be so cool!

    I always love the funny pictures you put on here. Hilarious!

  2. The kickboxing class sounds great! A new kickboxing class is starting at my gym, and I really wanted to take it, but it doesn't fit into my schedule. And it's a bit pricey... But kickboxing is definitely on my "must try" list, and your posts confirm it! :)

    Have fun with the WW receptionist training! :)

  3. I love kickboxing. It's a great workout - kicks my butt, but the time flies!

    I'd love to come to the meetup - if only I lived anywhere near MN! :(

  4. that cracked me up as since Ive turned 40 Ive done that snl skit for my poor husband a million times.

    Im with Glam.
    and need to get off my....glutes and organize something where I LIVE!


  5. Yowsa! You go girrrrrrl!!!!! Rockin' it Amanda!!!

    (and thanks for ur super sweet comment on my blog!)

    lovelove xxxx

  6. Kickboxing sounds like so much fun! Wish I could met with you guys..

  7. Hi, first visit here. I've been afraid to take a kickboxing class because of bad knees, but my trainer thinks that my knee issues have been pretty much resolved. How cool that the guy you talked to lost so much weight with that class.

    Good luck with your new job too!

  8. So glad your lovin' the kickboxing! I love doing planks too! Well, not while I'm doing it but before and after I do :)

  9. I love Sally O'Malley! Ahloveit too! :) Good luck to you!

  10. Kickboxing sounds like fun! I've never tried it and I'm sure I would be a hot mess out on the floor, but it definitely seems like it's a good workout.

  11. I just started taking kickboxing classes myself, and I'm LOVIN them. It's def a workout, but it's not repetitive at ALL, so it doesn't feel much like one. Good luck w/your decisions, and keep up the great work!

    Hope @ Hope's Journey

  12. Kickboxing class sounds fun! I always liked the cardio kb classes at the gym... I miss group fitness. Sad.

    Can't wait to meet you at the dinner next week!

  13. Love your blog-very inspiring!

  14. Hahah I love Sally O'Malley. :) And good luck with your decision! I would probably say look into putting the 50 dollars/month into a gym membership that does classes too so you have more options?

  15. Awh, I want to come meet up with you guys... but I think AZ is just a little too far. Why do I feel like most bloggers are from the eastern part?
    Look forward to hearing how it goes.

  16. Sorry, it's been a while since I added a comment but I always love reading your blog and it always makes me smile you little toughie! Can't wait to see the kick boxing techniques you have learned.
    Dad and I are enjoying our clementines as well.
    Keep sending me the veg. recipes. I am anxious to try a vegetarian lasagna when you come home again.

  17. I did kickboxing the other week for the first time in a looong time and the instructor had us to ladders!! It was terrible and I walked out. I'm afraid of going back now because I fear those damn ladders!! But, after your post, I just might give it another shot...with a different instructor :0


  18. I enjoy reading your blog! Looks like you have had quite the transformation! Kickboxing is a wonderful workout! If you want a really good kb video try Turbo Jam! I use it sometimes and get a nice sweat going plus it's fun!

  19. I did kickboxing a few years ago and I loved it! It is such a fun way to exercise! If only there were classes near me again, I would definitely do it. Have fun with the dinner- I'd love to go but I'm guessing there isn't one planned for Ireland. ;)