Wednesday, January 20, 2010

chug-a-lug, chug-a-lug

First off, I can’t thank y’all enough for the superduperwonderfulbunderful comments many of you left me after my last post. I motivate myself in a million ways, but you all give me that extra boost of momentum. Thank you. Really. From the bottom of my heart.

Secondly, I have a thing! Lemme explain. I hung out with a bunch of friends last Saturday, and we ended up at Liz and Cody’s. I brought over some Mission chips that I had at home (and NEEDED to get out otherwise I’d finish the entire bag myself). I also brought some salsa, so I thought we were set. Then my friend Jeff looked at me with kinda sad eyes and said, “What? No guac, Amanda?” I even thought about making it, too, but we went to dinner beforehand, so I didn’t think many people would be hungry enough to want it. AND SOMEONE DID!

I’ve never had a “thing” before. I’d be more than happy if my homemade guacamole is my thing! Well, and taco dip, but that’s another show …

Lastly, and my main point for today:

Please use a reusable water bottle.

Refill it often.

Carry it with you everywhere.

There are myriad benefits of hitting your daily H2O quota, but please don’t purchase packages of bottled water to do it. If you don’t like your water straight out of the tap, get yourself a Brita or something. I personally drink tap water and love it. And it’s freeeeeeeeeee!

More than 90 percent of the
environmental impacts
from a disposable plastic water bottle

happen before the consumer opens it.

Having your own reusable water bottle is not only earth-friendly, but it also keeps you mindful of drinking your daily wah-wah. Drinking at least 2 liters of water a day has been instrumental in my weight loss. It also makes my body work and feel fab!

It’s crazy how you can actually notice your body’s signals when you’re ingesting healthy food and beverages (most of the time). When I need more vegetables, my body tells me. When I need more water, my body tells me. It’s nuts.

The Mayo Clinic has some good info on why drinking water is important for our bods. This article also explains how much we should consume and why.

You know who else thinks water and reusable water bottles (and avocados) are muy importante? Jason Mraz, my fav musician and one of my fav bloggers. He often writes Wet Wednesday posts, which focus on water conservation, drinking from eco-friendly vessels, and the importance of water for our health. You can check out his most recent one here. And this one is especially pertinent and puts a lot of things in perspective.

Well, there it is, folks. If you don’t have a reusable bottle yet, what are you waiting for? If you do, I raise my Sigg bottle to you! Please share with us what bottle you use and love so that those on the lookout for a new one can be well-informed.



  1. I need my husband to read this PRONTO :)
    I love that he is now Supa Hydrating Man but the number of plastic bottles?! OY
    even tho he recycles em...he needs a SIGG.


    Methinks it shall be his valentines day gift. hows that for romantic? :)

  2. I have a "no name" BPA free water bottle. But I really want a SIGG! :)

  3. I never used to use refillable bottles, until I came across your blog.
    I found one at Ross for $4.99 and it was the best purchase ever!
    It is 24 ounces and I drink about 4-5 of them a day.
    That's upwards of a gallon a day!
    Thank you for keeping me 'water conscious!'

  4. I have a Brita pitcher at home and refill my plain old rubbermaid water bottle at the gym. When I'm just out doing chores I use my new Green Bottle ( and when I'm out hiking and need to carry lots of water I use my Camelback Wearable Hydration pack ( Not sure if they still use it but Camelback used the slogan "Hydrate or Die." Love it.

  5. I JUST got my Sigg water bottle last week. It's fab! I will post a picture of it on my blog soon!

  6. We have an award for you....a HAPPY award!! :)

  7. Hot Pink Kleen Kanteen with my name. :)

  8. Yep, reusable BPA free bottles are so important for our health and our environment.

    I use a Nathans stainless steel waterbottle with sip spout. LOVE IT. In fact, I'm giving one away on my blog next week.

  9. I use a big cup at work and a cheapo plastic reusable bottle for workout and at home. I could NEVER justify buying water (lol, I have a hard time even if I'm on vacation and thirsty, I'll usually look for a drinking fountain or somewhere I can just get a glass of tapwater) so it's instrumental in me keeping hydrated!

    And being the guac girl is not a bad thing. My friend is the bacon wrapped weenies girl, and guac girl just sounds better. ;)

  10. I love how you worked in a Good Eats / Alton Brown Reference (that is another show)...he is my culinary idol.

    I have a 52oz thermal "Bubba Keg" I keep at work. I have a thermal mug for green tea. I have a Camelbak sports bottle with the straw, love it. That is in addition to the two Cambelbak hydration packs and insulated squeeze bottle I also use.

  11. One of the limited-edition Siggs with the hippie girl on it. :) I bought it after coming across your blog!

  12. I've been trying my hardest to get all my water in. I've been doing pretty well this week. Maybe if I get a fancy Sigg, I'll feel even more motivated.

  13. I switched to refillable water bottles about a year ago. It's so much nicer!!

  14. I'm Laura, just found your blog.

    I'm a plastic bottle user BUT i refill them. I should switch, infact i think i will.

  15. mmMmm I use refillable water bottles CONSTANTLY on the ship - i actually carry mine around so much that when I leave it places, people know that it's mine and return it (and there are over 700 people on our ship when the Marines are embarked!). i just got a Camelbak one where you bite the straw to release the water - it's perfect because I'm a notorious straw biter!!

  16. I like thinking about how many people will hopefully go buy a new water bottle now and then will stop buying those landfill ones. I always glare at people in Costco as they buy a 24 pack of non-reusable bottles. Grrrrr....

    Personally I'm over Sigg and other metal ones--I can't keep them clean enough and feel like they get spores or something inside. So I'm back to my trusty BPA free Nalgenes. :) I aim for 2 full 32 oz. bottles a day.

    Does your Sigg get yucky?

  17. I love your blog, but what made me really love love it is that you used the word myriad in correct form. Weee! I'm a follower for life :)