Sunday, February 14, 2010

happy pizza day to me

I weighed myself this morning, and, to my surprise, I weigh 145.6!!! That's the lightest I've seen in a month or so.

So why do I have the urge to order a pizza and breadsticks all for myself?

It could be the fact that I drank a beer (or four) last night and I'm craving greasy wonderfulness. Or that I'm just lying around bored today (but should be cleaning). Or that it's Valentine's Day and I'm feeling sad for my single self.

I'm a strong, confident woman who doesn't need a man in order to be happy.

But it doesn't hurt.

I'm not usually one to have pity parties about my lack of a boyfriend. I know that I'm young and I have plenty of time. It'll just happen when it happens. No big deal.

But I've fallen victim to the stupid Valentine's Day crapola. I've told myself it doesn't matter. I know I'll be over it as soon as I click "Publish Post."

It would just be really nice to hug a boy today. There's one boy in particular who I'd like to hug, but that's not gonna happen. He's probably bad for me anyway (but that's another issue entirely).

But back to the pizza. Evidently I still have the urge to feed my emotions with food. I never said my eating habits are perfect! I don't think eating like this every once in a while will hurt, just as long as it doesn't turn into a habit.

And it won't. I've worked too hard. I've come so far.

I guess it just illustrates the importance of letting yourself indulge every once in awhile. That's what makes this a realistic lifestyle. And it's not like I'll eat the entire pizza.

Or will I ..... muahahahahaaaaaa


  1. Well, you could just slap me across the face to wake me from shock. Based on your photos (and your personality via blogging), you are a drop-dead knock out. Any relationship hiatus would be have to be a short-term condition.


  2. I think Valentine's day is crapola too and I DO have a guy. Happily married for over 20 years. But I hate when society imposes on how we should feel. Sigh.

    You are right - your time will come.

    Enjoy that pizza:)

  3. I'm in the club that thinks this holiday is a waste of time/energy/etc. I'm married now but have never celebrated it. My husband and I will be plopped on the couch tonight with a pizza, bottle of wine and Olympic games. :)

  4. I toootally understand where you're coming from. I always seem to be single on Valentine's Day and always have to steel myself against the hype (which is made infinitely harder by the candy section at the store--and friends' mushy posts on Facebook). But as I get older, I think I'm getting more comfortable with myself as...myself, and realizing that I'm pretty darn cool as I am.

    But that doesn't mean there won't be wine and ice cream tonight. ;)

  5. You get that pizza and enjoy it. We all have to indulge a little every now and then. It doesn't make you any less amazing of a woman or add all that weight you've lost back on to do it every now and then.
    I always tell my hubby if he buys me roses on Valentine's Day I'll hurt him. Buy them any other day and I'll be a happy girl!

  6. Treat yourself and then get some good chick flick on the tv. When you have a boy around you never have time for those anyways! :) Enjoy your indulgence and have a great start to the week.

  7. Listen here....
    You're young and hott, be happy for that right now...

    Keep it up

  8. Now that you are all skinny, maybe you should start a dating blog! Do you do any online dating, like or something?

    Don't eat the pizza!!!

  9. hahaha. I hope you enjoyed that pizza girl, you sure deserve it!

  10. I think v-day is crap too and I'm happily married. If you need a day to prove that you love someone you're not doing a good job the other 364. We usually just cook for each other over that weekend and we didn't even do that this year due to houseguests, sick crap, and my half marathon.

    My suggestion for the pizza craving? Go get thee to a place that sells slices, and have one with a big salad. That's what I (try) to do when I've got that particular craving because it doesn't go away, at least for me.

  11. Valentine's Day is just a big hype. I understand it's easy for me to say that having a boyfriend, but seriously it is.

    Plus you are GORGEOUS woman. inside and out. You'll find the right one someday. (or he'll finally find you)

    and I think you should eat some pizza. You've done so good, seriously you deserve to treat yourself. plus you could always make it from scratch and it could be "healthy"..or you could just go all out and eat the greasy thing. Whatever you feel this situation deserves :)

  12. Hey Amanda, I don't know that I've ever written before but listen. It does NOT make you weak or needy to want companionship. Valentines day may be commercialized but what it stands for is not commercial in the least. We all want love and connection and that's not a bad thing.

    All I will say as far is that goes is that you seem to be a stunning young woman with a lovely personality and you clearly can make and achieve big things. There are lots of men (and some of them even live in MPLS!) who would be lucky to call you their girlfriend. Regardless of what you think of them, you should give a dating site a try. I met my wonderful husband online, and many other men before him who I thoroughly enjoyed dating!

    Whether you decide to take my advice or not, know that you are worth more than a pizza binge. Instead, do a hot yoga class, and get a meal at Ecopolitan afterwards. You'll feel all limber and virtuous. Good luck to you, phenomenal woman!

  13. for me its the "sure you can have the XYZ if you want! now. tomorrow. whenevs." and frequently then I no longer want it...and if I do? I eat it.

    for me when I dont. when ive tried to distract myself with healthyyadayadayada foods I end up eating those AND whatever it was I longed for in the first place :)

  14. Congrats on the 145!!

    That's why i need to stop drinking... I always feel sad the next day and desperatley want to eat all things bad for me! I try my best to make healthier versions but still like to indulge in pizza every now and then.

  15. i iknow i'm a couple weeks late on this one, but i have to agree v-day is over commercialized. i always refused to buy roses and candy etc when i was in a relationship, my thought is that why should i have to buy proof of my feelings? me saying i like you/love you and want to spend time with you isn't enough? anyways, i've enjoyed reading your blogs and thank you for the inspiration that you provide for me everyday when i see you. it makes me think that the "impossible" is possible given some knowledge and self control. thank you...btw you have the most amazing blue eyes i have ever seen. good luck in your journey