Tuesday, February 23, 2010

my motherboard, my self

sorry i haven't posted in a week. i went back to wisco for morgan's birthday this weekend and have since discovered that my computer has a virus. a yucky one. one that's made my 'puter unusable. my mind instantly flashed to that episode of sex and the city where carrie's computer crashes and everyone keeps asking her when the last time she backed up her work was.

her answer was "um ... i don't do that." mine's the same.

however, unlike her fatal computer situ, mine will turn out fine. eventually. a friend is actually working on it right now. slowly but surely my pretty (PRODUCT) RED­™ laptop will be fixed. fingers crossed.

speaking of computers, apparently feb 12 was national clean out your computer day. i missed the memo. i could have gotten rid of the junk in my laptop trunk. i will definitely be doing that once i get my 'puter back.

and you know what i'll be doing with all my important files?? back back back it up. i encourage you to do the same.

prob won't do another post until i get my baby back :( until then, live well and be love.

ok ok, one more thing. tonight i'm going with a friend to her very first ww meeting! yaaaaay! you only get one body and you'd better take care of it. simple as that, right? right ;) i'm excited for my friend to be motivated enough to lose a few lbs and keep them off ... and maybe it'll kick me into high gear to lose my last 10 lbs before mexxx.


  1. That's my favorite SATC episode!! I looove it even though Miranda's mom dies and I cry through 90 % of it every time I watch it! The support Samantha, Steve and Aidan all show is so amazing!

    Sorry to hear about your computer. I don't know what I would do without mine!!

  2. Oh, my laptop took a long walk off a short peir in November. It was devastating. At least a friend of ours was able to save everything, but I did have to replace it. Good luck!

  3. OMG that same thing happened to me, and I also thought of the sex and the city episode. That episode makes me sad, but it's one of my favs!

  4. Love the red lappy. Hope everything works out ok!

  5. breathe....and reboot! ah satc how i love thee!!!!!

  6. I never back up anything either-I should probably get one that though!

  7. I haven't seen that SATC episode, but I will look out for it. Adorable laptop, and I hope that it gets all fixed soon!

  8. Hi Amanda! Great to meet you today - thanks to you, Lindsay & Jen for putting on a fun & motivating event! Adding you to my blog roll!

    PS - about the backing up the computer thang...yeah, I don't do that either. Guess I probably should start! Gives new meaning to the term 'back that thing up...' :)

    Holly @ Making Over Me