Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Phat Tuesday

I initially typed the title “Fat Tuesday” but abruptly halted and (in my head) waved my diva finger and said, “Nuh uh! I don’t think so!”

I’m not a fatty today. I feel great. I thoroughly enjoyed my pizza on Sunday. Yep, I ate it, but not even close to the whole thing. I’m in control! (Also, I’m totally out of my funk. It was only a one-day stint. Phew.) I rocked kickboxing last night, and I woke up feeling fit and healthy.

Do you ever have those days? I’m SO happy to finally be in a place where I wake up feeling fit and healthy most days. I encounter a couple of blah days a month, but, come on, I’m a woman. We have blah/fat/lovehandly/lessthanperfect days — be them in our head or not.

Anyway, today is not Fat Tuesday. It’s PHAT Tuesday!

Pretty Hot And Tempting indeed! Let’s work it, ladies and gents! Flaunt that sexay swagger. Smile just because you’re wonderful — and it’ll make people wonder what’s goin’ on in that pretty head of yours. Actually believe that compliment someone gives you instead of brushing it off. You’re here another day; embrace it! You are amazing. You are PHAT :)

Seriously, I cannot believe I just wrote a post centered around that word. If I don’t amuse you, at least I amuse myself!

Things I thought were neat today:

This article, including recipes, about one of my favorite fruits — the avocado! It’s not just about guacamole anymore … although guac makes me superduper happy. Clicky HERE to read.

This article about Kevin Smith (probably most well-known as playing Silent Bob) getting kicked off an airplane Saturday because they deemed him “too fat to fly.” There’s lots o’ drama surrounding this topic, and I very much enjoy Kevin Smith, soooo clicky HERE to read.

This article about Minnesota potholes. There are haikus. Seriously. Clicky HERE to read.

Peace, love and phat Tuesday to y’all!


  1. Oh girl, mardi gras was rough. Glad it's over now, and wish I read your post before I ate 2 plates of food at the morale event for work!!

  2. Great post! You're right-I am here, I two legs that work, I need to embrace life and get out there so that I can wake up feeling PHAT each morning!

  3. I also love Kevin Smith so the whole controversy is really interesting to me too.

    And love your post with PHAT today. :)

  4. love the purple/green theme.
    also love the article on the potholes! on saturday holly started a new topic of conversation with a very excited "Good news!!!" and then proceeded to tell me how they've filled in some potholes on Lyndale. since i don't live down there, it's better news for her.

  5. Amanda. Glad you didnt call it "Fat Tuesday". It really is a terrible name. Here in Australia we call it Pancake Tuesday, I missed it though. oops.

    Kevin smith article was intense

  6. Gahhh - I need to get rid of my lazy funk day #2 :-(

  7. Love this post, too cute! I was telling Jen, that I've got a new favorite food you should try too, they're at Whole Foods, Luna Protein Bars, they're super yummy and 180 Calories, 3g of Fiber and 12g of Protein!

  8. The potholes are SO BAD. I don't know why the city does not get out there and fix them. All it takes is some hot asphalt, right?? Right???!