Thursday, April 29, 2010

walkie talkie

I apologize for my sporadic posting habits. I dislike that I go for a week or more without posting. Sometimes I have stuff to write but not enough hours in a day. Other times I am free as a bird with nada to say. C'est la vie.

This is what Anonymous commented on my last post:

why do you never blog anymore? i know you're busy.. so if you're too busy to blog why not just get rid of it?

Here’s my multipart answer:
  1. I work on a computer all day, so my body doesn’t want to sit down for an hour (or longer) and write a post when I get home. I’d rather be kickboxing, running, hanging with friends — you get the point. But, sometimes I do feel like curling up with my computer, and that's when I post.

  2. It’s my blog and I do what I want. I write this thingy more for myself than for all of you. It’s an outlet that allows me to project my excitement/frustration/jubilance/self-pity/etc. My journalism background is not being utilized in my current job, so this is one of my only opportunities to write. If y’all enjoy reading my quasi-diary, too, go ahead — snoop around :)

  3. No matter if I post something new every day or every six months, why would I get rid of a venue where someone could find inspiration or motivation for his or her own healthy lifestyle? I know it was helpful to relate to others in the blogworld when I began to take control of my life. Heck, it still is!

  4. Why comment as Anonymous? Your questions were legitimate and I’m not easily offended, so please share your name next time. Love ya!

Wow. Explanations over.

I’m gonna be a walking machine this weekend and I’m pumped about it! I’ll be grooving my bod AND helping some great causes.

Saturday morning I’ll be trekking the 5-mile Walk for Animals. I’m the co-captain of Applause for Paws — our team that, as of right now, has raised $1,110 for the Animal Humane Society! Wahoo!!!!!!!!!!! Many MANY thanks to any of you generous donors who also read this :)

Sunday morning I’ll be walking 6.5 miles with CBK Team Hope 2010 at Walk MS. My team has raised nearly $10,000! That’s a lot of money in support of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society! Warms your heart that there are so many giving people out there, doesn’t it?

Also ... I told Alexa a while ago that I wanted to be part of her Sunday walking group, and I reeeeeeaaalllyy want to attend the inaugural walk on Sunday evening, but I’m not sure my leggies will be up for it. Como Lake is my favorite place to walk/run, and we’re only doing one 1.5-mile lap, so I should go. I’ll leave the decision to my gams, though. If you’re in the area, you should hit up the group! There are so many lakes to stroll around in the Twin Cities, and the schedule’s already been made for you. I’m sure it’ll be a pretty sweet group of peeps, too :) Check out the deets HERE.

Tonight I’m going to be Dining Out for Life — an annual fundraising event that raises money for AIDS service organizations. This event takes place in more than 55 cities nationwide. According to the DOFL website:
More than 3,500 restaurants donate a portion of their proceeds from this one special night of dining to the licensed agency in their city. Nearly $4 million dollars a year is raised to support the missions of agencies throughout North America. With the exception of the annual licensing fee of $1,000, all money raised in these cities stays there.
I’ll be at Azia in Minneapolis tonight, and they will donate 35% of our bill to The Aliveness Project, a local nonprofit organization that provides on-site meals, food shelf and other supportive services for individuals living with HIV/AIDS and their families.

Check out if restaurants in your area are taking part HERE! Thursday, April 29, 2010 only!

WARNING FOR THOSE WHO CARE ABOUT MY POSTING FREQUENCY: I will definitely not be blabbing about anything new until after the weekend. I’ll will (eventually?) tell you all about my walks, though, and I still need to share my adventures in Mexico!

Be love.


  1. Hey, girl, just a quick comment to say AMEN to blogging for you! As often or as sporadically as I post, I keep coming back because I know the real value in my blog is in working through my $hit. Oh, and the amazing support I get from other bloggers!

  2. yeah, Lindsay had to deal with that "anonymous" crap, too. They need to just go away. :p

  3. Anytime no matter how long it takes..I will come back to check whats going on. :)

  4. I love your posts, no matter how often.

    Good luck with the walking. Have fun!

  5. Enjoy all your walking!

    As far as your blogging frequency goes, this is your blog and you need to do what's right for you! :)

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Post whatever and whenever you want! This is YOUR blog. I enjoy reading it, but I keep you on my Reader so I have plenty of other things to read it you're too busy saving the world through fundraising and walking.

  7. When you show up on my reader, I read...when you don't, you don't.

    I disabled the ability to post anonymously. I'm really not interested in anything someone has to say who isn't willing to stand up and be recognized.

    I think all your charity walks are great! Doing more than your part.

  8. I luuuuuv your blog Amanda, and it's YOUR blog-you can do want you wanna do! Thanks for keeping it around, cuz it has inspired me, I just lost my first 25 pounds! Have a great walking weekend!

  9. and WOMAN there is NADA wrong with living not blogging.



  10. it's Anonymous again.. apologizing for my rude comment the other day. your blog is great, and i enjoy reading it. i was in a bad mood that day i think, and decided to displace my frustration on you for some lame reason. but of course we all know that you have a life. blogging is a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of your life.. i get that. sorry. at least you know you're missed when you're gone :)

  11. Hey, any post is good enough. I always look forward to reading them. It's your blog, do what you want with it.

  12. Lots of walking! That's awesome! And post when you want, I sure do. ;) But I have to say, I'm definitely looking forward to living vicariously through your Mexico pics!

  13. I have to agree with number 2!

    It's your blog and you can post whenever you want!

  14. Hey Amanda - I can totally relate. I just started my blog - it is a commitment to keep up and sometimes I just need to put other priorities FIRST. :-)

  15. Good answers there, missy. It's your blog, you are the one who calls the shots! I, personally, just took a 3 month hiatus and logged back on for the first time today. :) Life happens. I'm glad to see you're still up and running, however. Your blog always makes me smile.

  16. Amanda,

    Great response back to anonymous! I just started blogging as well as reading other blogs. There is so much out there and so many wonderful people who offer support and inspiration. As a newbie, I too have some sporadic blogging patterns. I'd like to do better, but at the end of the day, I feel like the few people (2 so far) who are even reading my blog are there to support me...not to criticize me...and those are the readers I want anyway! So blog on, sister! Live life and when you have a chance...get it all out on this blog! It's fantastic! By the way, I see you are on a walking streak! Way to go! If you are still tearing up the roads and want your steps to go towards another good cause, join me and others in an effort to take 100million steps towards better health. Here's the link with more details:

    Happy walking and blogging!!