Friday, April 16, 2010


first off, i love you all :) just wanted to share my love.

secondly, no mexxx recap today for the following reasons:

yesterday after work i'm transferring pics from my camera to my computer. we're talking nearly 450 pictures from early-february through mid-april. i took the time to eliminate the red eyes and such from all the pre-mexico pictures and then created a facebook album. i was halfway through tagging my friends and captioning the 75 photos when my internet crapped out. awesome. no i hadn't saved.

kinda frustrating, but i just went back in and started over. as i hit the halfway point again, i saved and then proceeded. JUST as i got to the end of tagging and captioning, ye olde virus from a couple of months ago reared its ugly head. come on! i thought that crap was history.

i putzed around the comp a little more to try and stop it, but i knew in my heart of hearts it was already too late :( my computer-savvy coworkerfriend matt talked me down from the ledge and we agreed that matt would take a look at my infected laptop at work today. (well, last night it would have been tomorrow, but you get it.)

i still needed to purchase veggies for the next day's carrot club at work, so i headed out. i drove all the way there, started walking into the store and realized something pretty important. i literally said to myself aloud in the parking lot, "crap. your wallet's in your other purse."

i gritted my teeth, hopped back in the car and tried to stay cool while i drove all the way home to pick up my wallet. all the while, i was thinking about why this happened. because i know why and it sucks.

i talked to my mom on the phone after the computer virus reappeared and we weren't even talking about the computer anymore — we were talking about eating dinner — and then i started getting snotty about gaining a few pounds over the past few weeks. my mom hadn't done anything wrong, but i misdirected my frustrations at her and then left the conversation feeling completely crappy.

and then the wallet thing happened. all because i was snotty at my mom for no reason. karma's a b.

anyway, i drove back to the grocery store, purchased my veggies and headed home. but where did i stop before arriving at my homestead? little caesar's. riiiiight. because THAT'S what i needed. well, it WAS approaching 10 pm and i had yet to eat dinner, but little caesar's? really? as great as pizza and crazy bread was going to taste at the time, i knew i'd be pissed about it afterward. and i was this morning when i stepped on the scale. just another crappy thing to add to the list.

matt worked on my computer today and got rid of the nastiness, buuuuut we also thought that two months ago. he talked to some other geeks (and i mean that as endearingly as possible), and they have seen this virus before and know it's likely gotten so deep in my system that it's prob necessary to reformat and start my computer from scratch. grr.

i know i wrote in february that i'd be backing up all the files on my computer ... but i never did. this living on borrowed time sure leads to a downward spiral. i'm gonna hit up best buy tonight and scoop an external harddrive with a 10%-off coupon i just got (hollaaaaa), so at least that's a positive. i'll still need to fork over the dough (which i'm not pumped about after having already spent bookoo bucks on my vacay), but the money-saving will be a reward. and i've gotta do it. oh, and i'll prob need to buy new antivirus software because obviously mine is acting less than awesome.

transferring files will be time-consuming, and i have a ton of other things i'd rather be doing, such as cleaning, enjoying the weather or doing pretty much anything else. but i suppose i have a bunch of recorded tv shows i can watch during the process.

one more thing i'm not happy about: i'm not running the 5K tomorrow that i had planned. i just can't do it. well, i know i CAN do it, but i've decided not to. i haven't been running lately, and when i have, i've been getting sideaches that i haven't figured out. i also don't want to pay the registration fee. and lastly, i just don't want to wake up that early since i haven't been sleeping well for the past couple of weeks. i feel like i'm letting myself down, and i hate that.

meanwhile, boys are stupid, my apartment is too small and my google reader shows 1000+ unread items.

i can say one thing for sure: i am SO pumped for kickboxing tonight. it'd better be a tough class because i need to punch out my frustrations.

note: all photos from this entry are from, my absolute favorite site.
it's sure to bring a smile even on the crappiest days.


  1. Sorry you had such a crappy few days! Hope it improves soon!

  2. Karma is a B. I hope you are your old self soon.

    Miss S.

  3. Wow...craparific! Perhaps tomorrow will be crap free or crap lite or something.

    Where do you get your great cartoon art you use?...totally great.

  4. Ouch. I hope kickboxing helped! If not, just remember, it can all start over again tomorrow. :)

  5. That sucks. I have been having a lot of side aches as well, and it's really frustrating me because I can't figure out what's causing them!

  6. Sorry about the Crap-tastic day you had. But to day is caturday! Hope it is purrrrrfect!

  7. Sounds like your day went from bad to worse.
    Good luck with your computer.
    I do love our telephone conversations.
    Keep your chin up,

    Love you Amanda,

  8. Lady,

    I think bad weeks happen to everyone every now and again, sometimes they are particuarly crappy. Just keep you head up, and you know that it can ONLY get better from here. :)

    ::::::booty shake:::::


  9. AVG Free antivirus. All you need for great virus protection and for free! My other half is a bigtime IT nerd and this is all we use on our comupters :)

  10. I have been feeling very similiarly. I am hoping to get out of the crappy funk soon. But I feel like it is closing in on me for a long ride.

    I hope you come out quickly!!

  11. Yikes but you def showed life whos boss!

  12. I have been totally slacking on the blog reading lately. But I just stocked up. :) You are a rock star. I think I've told you this before. But I have a few words for you.
    "when you feel down and out, sing a song, it'll make your day!"
    Earth Wind and Fire. Always good.

    also, aussie hairspray. I know you can smell it just from me saying it. that smell always makes me happy. :) hugs!

  13. Oh honey you've been having a tough time! I hate when life gets like that-hang in there!

  14. Awww, sorry about your craptastic day! Kick it out, have a healthy and relaxing weekend, and can't wait to see your trip pics!

  15. Did you get your computer fixed? I spilled coffee on mine once. It was a traumatic few weeks.

  16. Reading this reminds me of WHY i need to also go get an external hard drive, which we've been talking about getting for a solid year now. ugh!

    Sorry your day was so hard, but YEAH YOU for following it up with kick boxing!! Hope you have a great week to follow up your crappy day. :)

  17. why do you never blog anymore? i know you're busy.. so if you're too busy to blog why not just get rid of it?