Wednesday, October 28, 2009


According to my daily Hungry Girl email, it’s National Chocolate Day! (If you don’t already subscribe to this gem, do so HERE. If you wanna check out what she’s all about first, go HERE. Then subscribe :) You won’t be disappointed.)

This is for all you chocoholic bloggers out there.

I will be celebrating with a little Hershey’s milk chocolate, although I’m not a huge sweets person. I’m much more into the salty stuff. Chips and salsa, cheddar cheese Quakes, chips and guac, Cheez-Its, my mom’s Chex Mix, cheese and crackers, and did I mention chips with some sort of dip? From the looks of it, I also like cheesy things. Surprise! I’m from Wisconsin!!!

Anyway, back to the issue at hand: chocolate! I don’t usually purchase chocolate (or any candy, for that matter), but Halloween-time presents an entirely different world than I’m accustomed. Coworkers have candy dishes on their desks: DANGER DANGER! I can’t help myself!

Here’s a scenario that hasn’t yet happened, but I’m dreading its inevitability. First I’ll take a Laffy Taffy. (They’re one of my favs because of the so-bad-they’re-good jokes on the wrapper.) Then I’ll grab a Starburst. These nonchocolatey treats are my gateway drug. I prefer them over chocolate, but while I’m digging for them I’ll see a Snickers — my nemesis. Once I eat a Snickers, I’m doomed. Then it’s on to a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup and a Butterfinger. But they’re all “fun-sized” so it's totally OK, right?? Wrong answer.

Like I said, a major candy binge hasn’t happened yet, but I’ve already had a couple of miniepisodes. One Laffy Taffy and two Starbursts yesterday, and one Laffy Taffy and small Hershey’s bar today (only in celebration, of course). This isn’t great, but it’s definitely not horrible. Where I think it could get out of control is at my parents’ house. You see, I’m visiting them the weekend after Halloween, and you know what that means? Leftover candy.

Dear Mom and Dad:

I know you read my blogtacular sporadically, but if there’s ever a time for you to be reading, this is it. Please understand my sincerity when I write this: HIDE THE CANDY BEFORE I WALK IN THE DOOR!

I’m of sound mind and body right now, but you know how my healthy-eating habits go out the window once I get to your house. I will not be thinking clearly if I see your tasty goodies on the kitchen counter and in the candy jar on the end table in the living room.

So, if you could be so kind, hide the treats until after I leave.

Love love love,
Your little Amandarin

P.S. I’m serious. And don’t believe me when I tell you it’s OK to give me just one little Snickers. I’ll turn into a crazy candy-eating monster! You’ve been warned.

Since I’ve envisioned these detrimental situations, I’m hoping I can avoid or at least be prepared for them. That way, I can have a piece or two of candy and walk away knowing that what I’ve done really won’t affect my waistline — but if I don’t stop there I’ll be taking away some of my hard-earned weightloss success. Let’s keep it under control!

My WW leader Renee says, “We crave what we eat.” I totally believe this. If I don’t have my morning banana, I crave a piece of fruit until I get it. If I’m eating a lot of veggies and suddenly don’t get my fill one day, I crave a huge salad. This totally works in your favor when you’re eating healthfully; however, it backfires when you slip off track. For instance, after eating a Chipotle veggie burrito bowl Monday night and a cheese quesadilla and tons of popcorn for lunch yesterday, I came home from work and just wanted a junky supper. I’ve gotten back on the healthy-eating train today by eating some Kashi Honey-Toasted Oat Heart to Heart cereal (love it!) and an apple for breakfast and a salad and cottage cheese for lunch. For supper I’ll heat up the rest of the black bean chili I made last week. Back on track! Phew. That coulda gotten ugly in no time.

So, since it’s National Chocolate Day and nearing All Hallows’ Eve, and I know there are a lot of chocoholics and sweet tooths (sweet teeth?) out there, I’ll leave you with a tip:

When you eat a piece of candy,
leave the wrapper on your desk or other visible area.
It’s easy to forget each and every treat you’ve consumed
after you’ve disposed of the evidence …
but not when all the wrappers are lying out, staring back at you.

I almost forgot! The winner of two years’ worth of Shape is Missy @ Missy Maintains!

Email me your info and I'll get that rollin' for ya!

Peace, friends :)

P.S. The title of this post is a reference to Super Troopers. If you knew that, you're cool.


  1. NOOOOO! Missy wins every single contest, wtf! Are there kickbacks involved?! Haha jk, I love Missy. She is actually being featured in Shape in the January issue, so this is a funny win.

    Yay for chocolate day!

  2. Oh I didn't know that it's chocolate day today! I will have something small to celebrate. I completely agree about the Halloween candy- I know that when I go home I will feel drawn to the candy.
    I will remember that quote from your leader, too!

  3. Good tip with teh candy! Accountability is half the battle! Our employers gave us each a treat bag 2 weeks ago filled with mini-candy goodies, I did exactly what you described "one little one won't hurt..." and before I knew it the whole bag was gone and I felt sick for the rest of the evening. I like that quote from you WW leader too!

  4. I totally believe that "you crave what you eat". That is why I chose to stay away from sweets all month to see if the craving is gone. I can't lie and say it's gone but it isn't close to what it was. I'm hoping that once they aren't toally off limits I don't go crazy and undo everything I just did this month.

    Good luck at your parent's!

  5. Ah I saw my name next to the winner of the contest and got excited...for about half a second and realized that's not my blog. Bummer!!

    I completely agree with the "craving what you eat" theory. The more chocolate I eat the more I want it. Sucks.

  6. I love the crave what you eat theory it is SOOO true. I find when I eat sugary things I turn into a sugar monster when usually I'm fine not have many sweets.

  7. I never really thought of the "craving what you eat" theory, but it makes total sense. I also love the tip of not throwing away your candy evidence!! Halloween is not going to get me this year! Thanks for all your tips Amanda! i really LOVE your blog!

  8. Oh man, I totally get the temptation of the Halloween candy at work. I indulged and had a mini Wunderbar today in fact...just couldn't resist! Good for you for having a plan and being prepared.

  9. Yay so excited!! Very perfect since I will be in it in January and I didn't have a subscription! Emailing you now!!

  10. I'm glad I didn't find out about it being chocolate day until now. I'm sure I wouldn't be able to resist celebrating it if I knew. Since I don't have any chocolate in my house 'cause I can't be trusted with it and it is pouring rain, I think I'm safe.

    You mean I'm not supposed to hide the evidence in the trash? Huh...

    Good luck staying out of the candy bowl at your parents' house.

  11. Very cool about chocolate day....I am also a huge candyholic and have serious control issues when it comes to the sweets. If I stay away from them, and don't start, I definitely don't crave them as much...but one little piece - it's DEFINITELY the gateway to more!!!

    Hey! Just wanted to let you (and other) bloggers know about my challenge in Nov/Dec - $25 GC and magazine subscription to the winner!!! Come check it out and let me know!

  12. HA! I am so not cool cuz I did NOT pick up on the trooper thingie reference!

    I am totally digging the letter to your parents - thinking about putting it up in my office for all to read! In fact, I'm writing a post for tomorrow that is pretty similar to yours, a post dedicated to the horrible time of year we are in, chocolate chocolate everywhere!

  13. I certainly don't envy you guys in the U.S with halloween over here in Australia, it really isn't celebrated, so i guess we are off the hook with all those lollies.

    I love the letter to your parents, way to be prepared. goodluck

  14. This is an amazing blog that really speaks to me. Thank you for sharing! **Honestly Sharing** That note you have about craving what you eat. I have never heard that but I started thinking and it seems to have merit in my life. So I just found another reason to encourage myself to keep skipping my "cheat" day.

  15. For me, I can't eat just one. I'm not good at stopping there... after one, I want tons more. So it's best for me to "just say no" to the candy... and I'm okay with that.

    Good luck with the candy! I hope you are able to stay in control!

  16. I don't buy it, I don't let it into my house in bulk - but I'll occasionally accept a treat or 2 from coworkers and Zliten will bring me home a few of my faves from work people. So far I've had a reeses and split a yummy fudgey skull.

    I consider myself lucky that I have a biological limit on candy binges. Pretty much, after a piece or 2 I feel suuuuuuuper ill. So it stops me! But I'm with ya. Salty/cheesy stuff - HIDE THE CHEETOS FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING FIT!!! Tee hee.

  17. Thanks for the reminder on the treats in the house. I will make sure any extras from Halloween go to work with me and get spread out between the 40 people in the office.
    I will make sure the bananas are on the banana rack. The "guac" dip looks great. Maybe you can make some for Thanksgiving.
    Love you,