Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dance It Out


Thank you. Just had to get that out.

I’ve been thinking lately that I just might have too much on my plate. But then I go back and think about it, and I really don’t do all that much. I could be checking more things off my ever-growing to-do list, but when I have a free moment I just want to lie back and relax. Then, the fact that I didn’t clean my apartment, write my latest blog post, tackle my laundry pile(s), shop for clothes that fit (smaller sizes, a-thank you), get rid of clothes that don’t, read my fellow bloggers’ stories, work my bod at the gym or outside, empty my cats’ litterboxes, go grocery shopping, call my friends and family, clip Norman’s claws, etc, gets me even more frustrated and I never completely relax.

I just read through that list and I feel ashamed because my life is not that rough at all. When there are so many larger issues in the world and other people less fortunate than I, why should I let these things get me in a tizzy? Easier said than done. These things do get me riled up, and it all came to a head after a stressful end to my rainy, gloomy workday.

On my drive home, I decided that I was going to hit the treadmill and run off my aggression. (Yes, that’s the girl I’ve become. And I kinda like it.) I march into the workout room, and what do I find??? The treadmill is broken!!!! I had my heart set on the treadmill, and the elliptical and bikes were just not gonna do the trick. You’d think that, since I was in the mood to work out and was wearing the appropriate clothing, I would hop on another machine instead. Nah. That was the last straw.

That's how I felt when I reported the broken treadmill
to the people who run my apartment complex.
I left a surprisingly upbeat and breezy voicemail.
(Little tip: It pays to be nice even when you don't wanna be.)

I decided to plop down on my couch and pound out my frustrations on the keyboard. I probably should have just taken on an alternate workout, but I needed to feel like I was in control. I am in control when I blog. Well, at least until I throw all my stuff onto Blogger, then it’s a whole new ballgame and there are other bugs to wrestle.

I really don’t think the coffee I drank today is helping me calm down. But this vent session kinda did.

Now that I’ve gotten that rant out of my system (for the time being), I’ve decided I'm going to pop in my So You Think You Can Dance Tone and Groove DVD and dance it off. I DVR Ellen every day, and I’ve had today’s episode playing in the background while typing this. She kicks off each show by shakin’ her thang, and I think there’s something to that. How can you not feel great while letting music penetrate every inch of your beautiful body?! I don’t care what I look like when I dance. I let loose. I rock out. I hope my neighbors outside enjoy the show.

I’m gonna sign off now before I change my mind about burning some extra cals. You know what would make me feel better? A contest. That’s right. You read correctly. A contest. Check back later this week for your chance to win a pretty sweet prize!!!!

Peace and love, lovelies.

PS The title of the Natalie Dee comic I used today is “Restless Egg Syndrome.” Hilarious! That’s enough for a giggle and a smile to brighten your and my day :)


  1. Dancing is such a stress reliever! And for me its a great confidence booster too...makes me feel a lil' sexy ya know???

  2. I think I may have to look for that video. Is it a good workout? I love dancing!

  3. sometimes the titles of natalie dee are actually funnier than the comics themselves!

  4. Hi. My name is Melissa and I just found your blog. I like it a lot and you remind me of myself in a lot of ways... if you ever have time (in your stressed-out, full to capacity life), you should check it out.

    Although it isn't necessarily about weight loss and stuff (although sometimes that topic is mentioned)... it's more about me and my life in general. It is still pretty entertaining though.

    But back to your post... the treadmill thing. I have done the SAME thing! I got so upset once when mine malfunctioned. It was like I lost my coping mechanism... the thing I was so looking forward to was not cooperating and I was extremely upset (which looking back was sortove silly, but in the moment I was royally pissed and frustrated).

    And I can also relate to the feeling of being busy/stressed by all the little things that need to be done... when in reality, life could be so much worse. But still... you feel what you feel. And a lot of times I feel stressed and overwhelmed by all the little things going on.

    And control is key. When I feel I have control and things are "controlled" I feel better.

    Oh and blogging/writing has definitely become a coping tool/outlet for me... I can get my thoughts/feelings out there. As a stay-at-home mom... my almost 3-year-old really doesn't do the trick in the listening department (to say the least). Blogging/writing give me that... it's quite therapeutic!

    Well, good luck with the treadmill! I hope they get that fixed ASAP!!!

    - Melissa

  5. There is a book called "SuperGirls" by L. Funk that I got from the library because I suffer from the same "lack of relaxation" that you do.

    The way the book was written was extremely distracting, I think she was gearing it toward 13-18 y/o but the case studies in the book were pretty interesting. Maybe sitting down to read about why you can't relax will relax you?

    Also, way to go on dancing it out. movement always helps!

  6. This is so funny and ironic, because yesterday, I was feeling the EXACT same way that you are. And I blogged about it. I think blogging is thereputic in a way. On top of fighting stress at work and at home, I had this string of negative thoughts while I was forcing myself to work out(spin class). I'm still trying to work through the root of those. But my point is, I feel ya. Seriously.

    Good job on burning those extra cals. :)

  7. You and I are in the same boat! I honestly feel like I could crack right now. Yes, I know life isn't too awful and that it could be much worse but I can't help it...i am overwhelmed! (And I skipped my workout this morning because I simply could not get out of bed and I knew it would be the happiest part of my day laying there all comfy.)

  8. I know exactly how you feel-your to do list could nearly be my to do list. I also know that so many people actually have reasons to be stressed, but sometimes we just need a day to be stressed out anyway. Hope dancing went alright!

  9. No worries Amanda. Stay with it. Clip Norman's nails and enjoy a glass of wine.

  10. Hey! I just found your blog and I love it already. I'm the same with my list of duties that sometimes overwhelm me. I have a Diet Coke in those situations, it totally helps.

    Oh yes, Ellen inspired me too to start my own personal dancing session. I turn on YouTube and dance my heart out. I call it, don't laugh, Party Time. That's right. Back from when Jackass was still filming and they did that Party Boy skit. Oh gosh, how sad. :P

  11. Good for you! I love to dance, and I've pulled the same thing before at the gym. I've left because I forgot to charge my mp3 player and it was dead. Yeah. I actually now have 2 cheapo backups so I don't have an excuse.

    Seriously, October has been busy! I thought after the wedding I'd be able to relax, right? Well, now I have to deal with all the stuff I've been putting off to be "after the wedding" stuff and Halloween coming up there is costume stuff and the 30 day shred and...argh! Just one day, can I sit my butt on the couch for a few minutes and relax?

    Very much looking forward to December and a whole mess o days off...

  12. Dancing is great for stress! With a two year old at home I have the "excuse" to dance silly everyday. Its one of the best parts of the day!

  13. Hey Amanda,
    I just found your blog linked on Jenn's blog. WOW! I'm so glad I did. I just read the entire thing ( in a non creepy way, I swear) , you're story is so awesome. It is really inspiring. I am just beginning my weight loss journey and I am starting very close to the same weight you did. I cant tell you how great it is to read this, I am starting to get more motivated and I think reading your story is just the kick in the butt.

    Keep it up :)


    PS. I LOOOOOOOOVE my toms too! yeah!

  14. Amanda,

    you may not have as much on your plate as other people but that doesn't mean that you can't be stressed or feel like life is too much ! I just posted a whiny blog about how stressed I am too lol and then re read it and was like I sound nuts. But that is ok! I hope everything gets better! Just remember YOU have accomplished so much, cut yourself some slack girl!

    Dance it off!