Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bad/Good News Bears

At the end of my last post I said I had some “pretty awesome news” coming up … but today’s not the day I’m going to share it. I jumped the gun. Sorry for the teaser! Next week, my babies, next week. And thank you all for the congrats on my race!!! I’m still jazzed about it :)

In other news, I have two good things and two bad things to share.

Bad News
It wasn’t too difficult to train for my 5K. I would get up in the morning and run or get my miles in after work. Then, of course, I would shower. I use a washcloth in the shower and everything. What was difficult was noticing a change in my skin. I was getting ZITS!!!! AAAHHHH!!!!!

I’ve had clear skin my entire life. Yea yea I’d get a pimple or two here and there. Nothin’ I couldn’t take care of with a little concealer! But that was in high school and every so often in college — not so much now. At one point I counted seven zits last week! Out of control! Even my emergency zit potion wasn’t doin’ the trick.

This stuff will bleach your towels
if you don’t wash your hands
with water AND soap after applying.

I keep it on hand for the occasional pimple that I NEED to get rid of before an event or something. I’ll put a dab on before bed and wake up with a dried out spot where my zit used to be. It usually gives me a little dry skin in that area for a day or two, but that’s better than a mountain on my face!

However, that was before I was a runner. All I wanted was for it to dry up my face, but it wouldn’t. Maybe I was stressed before race day, but my skin’s been clearing up since Saturday. Phew.

And now that you know that little tidbit about me, on to something else …

Good News
My first SIGG BFF has been found!!!!

As you might recall, I lost it during Elizabeth and Cody’s wedding weekend at the beginning of August. I was crushed but soon moved on and bought another bottle. But apparently Elizabeth’s mom found it! She has it in our hometown (to which I am returning this weekend for Oktoberfest), so I’ll have it back in my hands in no time!

Bad News
The SIGG reunion will be brief :( I am sending her back to the manufacturer.

On September 1, the CEO of SIGG in Switzerland announced an exchange program for people who bought bottles with their old liner. The liners in bottles manufactured since August 2008 are A-OK, but bottles made before that had a different liner that contained a trace amount of BPA. Thorough testing showed that no BPA was leaching from the liner, but I still want a bottle that is completely free of BPA. And if the SIGG peeps are willing to make the swap for me, I’ll take it!

For any of you out there with SIGG bottles, you can check if your liner is the new or old version here, and you can read more about what’s going on here and here.

Good News
I’m heading back to La Crosse, Wisconsin, for Oktoberfest this weekend!!!! It’s pretty much a major holiday. I’m superpumped! I’m hoping that I won’t gain weight over the weekend, though. I’ll be drinking (more than) a few beers and probably eating whatever happens to be around (cheese curds!), BUT with soooo much walking and dancing and activity, I’m hoping to come out even. I did last year, so let’s hope for another great one! Can’t wait to share pictures with you. I’ve decided to post some pictures from last year along with the ones from this year. I checked my records, and I weighed between 192 and 194 last year at this time. That means I’ve lost exactly 40 pounds since then!!! I’m eager to show you the comparison pics!

I’m going to the opening ceremonies with my parents on Friday afternoon. The big event is the Tapping of the Golden Keg. Not kidding!

The Golden KegLook how it sparkles in the sun :)

Ohhhh Oktoberfest. Love it love it. I’ll tell you all about it next week! Until then, Ein Prosit!


  1. I sent my SIGG back too. It takes a couple weeks for them to process and ship it back to you, but my new SIGG should be here in two short days! Eek!

  2. Yay race!! Next time use toothpaste on the little stinkers. (supposedly it's what all the celebs do according to cosmo) And find rice paper for right after your race - it'll take away any oils. You are my inspiration beautiful!! thank you!

  3. Go to a dermatologist Amanda.
    I started experiencing teenage acne in my late twenties. It was HORRIBLE!
    Don't waste time trying to fix it yourself, see a professional.
    Stop using all the harsh stuff in the acne section of the drugstore, it can actually keep irritating your skin and cause more break outs. I love Cetaphil products, they are super gentle, my dr recommended to me.
    Good luck!!!

  4. I broke out when last month and I was so embarrassed to leave the house. I went out and got this stuff called ZAP ZIT and it worked REALLY well!

    I wish our town had something exciting for October...or any time of the year lol

  5. Have fun at Octoberfest! This sounds like SO much fun! Can't wait to see last year's and this year's pics! Drink a beer for me! ;)

  6. i loved the format of this post! and that you included natalie dee, of course. i heard about that SIGG recall, such a bummer!

  7. Neutrogena makes a great body wash to help with the acne. That is what I have been using to battle the same problem! Seriously, I'm grown up, I should not have zits anymore!!

  8. Have fun at Oktoberfest! Can't wait to see pictures!!

  9. I love the shout-out to Oxy. Actually laughed out loud. Sizzle sizzle.

  10. I've been on vacation and i've finally had a chance to sit down and catch up with your blog :) I just wanted to say congrats!! Great job on the race and beating your time :) WHOHOOO!!
    I hope the acne gets figured out... I finally got mine under control with some all natural products, just for my pregnancy to totally screw with my skin and make it worse than I can handle :) LOL

  11. I am 33 and still struggling with acne! I've tried it all, so good luck!

    I am so excited because I just ordered my first SIGG bottle. I got the limited-edition Flower Girl design! So cool!