Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ready to Run

Happy September, all! I really need to work on spacing out my posts … and then posting more regularly. A lot of times I just feel like I don’t have anything interesting to write about. If you want to know anything about me or if you want to suggest topics, I would LOVE for you to comment or email and let me know :)

First things first, my running is going splendidly! I think I’m right on schedule to run my first 5K like a boss.

Last Friday I ran 1.8 miles without stopping and was totally proud of myself. I felt like I could have kept going a little longer, but I was already back at my apartment and I needed to get ready for work.

I went to my friend Jen’s cabin for the weekend, and, once again I brought my running shoes. I woke up early Saturday morning and went for a run. I used MapMyRun on Friday before heading into no-internet territory and figured out a 2.2-mile route. I did it! It was really cold out, though. I’m talkin’ in the 50s. (Yea yea I’m from Wisconsin and I live in Minnesota, so I should be used to it. But it’s still supposed to be summer for cryin’ out loud! And I'll never get used to it.) I think the cool air was taking my breath away or something because I was definitely winded after this run.

I planned on running this morning before work, but I just could NOT shove myself out of bed. If it’s that difficult for me, I figure I must need the sleep. I went for an evening run instead, so it all worked out. I used MapMyRun again to ensure I’d run at least 2 miles before taking a walk break. I felt really great when I got going, and I was actually enjoying myself. Crazy! Who am I?? I wound up running 2.3 miles before walking for a tiny bit. (Those hills will get ya!)
But then, and this totally baffles me, I actually WANTED to run again. So I did! For about 0.3 more miles. But still! I FELT LIKE RUNNING INSTEAD OF WALKING. I wasn’t even dying at the end; I just knew that I needed the cooldown time before I got back home to stretch. I love it!!! I am actually noticing progress!
And now for my second topic: Vitamins. I used to take a multivitamin semiregularly like 5 years ago. I didn’t grow up taking vitamins, so I didn’t really know WHY I should take one, I just figured I should. That didn’t last long.

Something sparked in my brain recently that I should probably be taking a multivitamin. I eat pretty well, but not perfectly, so I’m sure I’m not getting all the goods I could. Yesterday I was at Target buying random things when DING! “You should check out the vitamins,” I said to myself.

There are many options, but I was specifically looking for a multivitamin aimed at women, so that narrowed it down. I also wanted one without fish products, which left me with One A Day Women’s. I was comfortable with my choice because I had taken One A Day vitamins before and they seem to cover all the bases I was looking for.

But today I had another DING! moment. Since I am a vegetarian, I shouldn’t be ingesting a product with gelatin as an ingredient. There goes my One A Day Women’s out the window! I do eat foods containing dairy and eggs, but it’s difficult knowing where to draw the line. I consulted Annabel from Feed Me I’m Cranky because she’s also a vegetarian … and she’s also really nice so I figured she wouldn’t think I was a total weirdo for randomly emailing her.
I had been thinking this, but she put it into words for me:

“If you are aware of something being derived from or used against animals that would not jeopardize your health in sacrificing, go ahead and cut it from your life.”

Thank you, Annabel! Just what I was looking for! I’m totally aware of how gelatin is made, and it’s an easy ingredient to rid from my diet, so I’ll try to steer clear of gelatin from now on. I’m making baby steps in the veg world.
I did some research and finally found a multivitamin that suits my needs. I headed over to GNC and scooped up Maximum Green’s Ultra Mega Green. (Are both “ultra” and “mega” REALLY necessary, GNC?)

It contains fruits, vegetables, flax seeds, beans, green tea extract, etc, and is a vegetarian product. Sold! I wish it had more calcium, but I figured I’d give this bottle a try and I can always switch to something else later. If you’re interested, you can read about it here because this post is getting long and I’ve probably already lost most readers.
OK time to wrap it up. I need to hit the hay. Peace!


  1. Great job with the running! And I'm glad you found a new, gelatin-free multivitamin... :)

  2. Always happy to give my opinion LOL
    Speaking of gelatin..umm...check this out: http://tinyurl.com/nfnvwv


    - Annabel

  3. yay amanda! hey i live right by lake of the isles now so if you ever want a running buddy, hit me up :)

  4. Wow-you are making progress with the runs! I'm actually glad it's cooling down because I can't stand running in the heat. I'm hoping to start up the c25k program in the next few weeks!

    I also take a mult-vitamin, but I just take the gummy Flinstone's ones. Although, now that you've mentioned this whole gelatin thing, I'm sort of intrigued. I'm not a vegetarian, but I have trouble eating alot of meat, especially red meat because of the stories I've heard about animal cruelty. Anyway, I'm going to look into some different vitamin options. Thannks!

  5. Congrats on the great runs! Your dedication, enthusiasm and great motivation make me want to get out there and do my run RIGHT NOW! Too bad I'm stuck at work on such a gorgeous day!

  6. great job on the running! i love the feel of wanting to work out vs having to work out. it makes me feel accomplished and proud, as you should feel. keep up the amazing work!

  7. Ultra AND mega? Wow, they are serious! LOL! I was pretty good about taking vitamins too but ran out and my lazy bum never went to get more and then I forgot and now here I am a year later still not taking them. Life story.

    Great job on the running!

  8. Hey! Just a suggestion with the running...run 10 min and walk 1 minute. I started running a 5 km like this, and I worked my way all the way up to a 1/2 marathon. It makes it SO MUCH easier to keep going longer distances.
    Good job! Keep it up!

  9. Hooray for wanting to keep on running! Doing a happy dance for you! :D

  10. Hi Amanda,
    I haven't added a comment for awhile and wanted you to know I'm reading your posts and enjoying each and every one of them. I am also getting some great birthday and Christmas ideas, keep them coming. I am going to look in the stores for the Vitatops. They sound like something I would really like, and you know I'm into the fiber and low in sugar breakfast type bars and snacks.
    You also reminded me that I should probably grab some multivitamins the next time I'm out shopping. It sounds like you are really enjoying the running. Can't wait to see you go over the finish line at Applefest.
    Keep the updates coming on your progress and
    GO Amanda! You are cranking and I think you are definitely the most healthy you have probably ever been. (kind of sad coming from your Mom)