Wednesday, September 9, 2009

So ... I'm a Cat Lady

I started my day with the usual banana, and I downed one liter of water before 9:30am! I had another liter gone before noon. I’m going for three liters before I leave work. How much water are you going to drink today?? Game on.

I had a huge salad for lunch with my usual accoutrements: cherry tomatoes, black olives, peas, hard-boiled egg pieces (mostly whites), sunflower seeds and some wild rice. I also had a scoop of cous cous salad and cottage cheese. Do you know how protein-packed cottage cheese is? It’s a goodie.

I’m going for a run tonight because I bailed on yesterday morning AND this morning. Come on, Amanda! You’re running a 5K in 10 days!!!! Tonight’s plan is to hit 3.4 miles, which is my farthest distance so far. If I run longer, so be it. Shorter is fine, too. I just want to make it past 3.1 miles. I am soooo slow. (Basically someone could probably walk very quickly next to me.) Since I know I can actually run the distance of a 5K, now I need to work on a speed that’s right for me … and doesn’t put me in last place. I’m competitive, OK?

Alright enough with this food, drink and workout nonsense ;) Onto a much more important topic.


It’s one of my cat’s THIRD birthday today. I got Edwyn when he was only eight weeks old, so I still can’t believe he’s already three! He was my first pet that was all my own. Not my parents’. Not my roommate’s. Mine.

I’m a proud mama, so now it’s time to show him off!

Here’s baby Edwyn with Kari,

one of my besties and former roommate.

He's so tiny! Only eight weeks old.
(Not the greatest pic of Kari, however …)

And here’s the perfect holiday card photo.
This was my cute little fam a couple of years ago.
Me, three-month-old Edwyn, Emily, Kari and Zoey
at the holiday sweater party we hosted.

Some current pictures:


Pretty kitty

Wow! It must be proud animal parent day here in PFG land. Priorfatgirl Jen has been boasting about the new addition to her home, too!

I’ll leave you with one more cat pic.

Here’s Edwyn with Norman, who I got in February.

Norman’s bday is next month. Oh geez. Not another cat-filled blog post!!! You know you love it :)

Until next time!

XO, Amanda, the cat lady
aka another priorfatgirl


  1. If it wasn't for my husband I'd probably be a total cat, or maybe more likely dog, lady. He helps me keep things more reasonable.

    Happy Birthday Edwyn!

  2. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww happy birthday to your little one! i am TOTALLY a pet celebration advocate. love the photos. and props on all the agua consumption!

  3. What gorgeous kittehs!! Can't wait to see Norman's B-Day pics!! Thanks for posting, I loved the pictures of Edwyn!!!

  4. i'm going for a run right now: around the block. thanks for the motivation LOVER

  5. UPDATE: I ran 3.7 miles! The farthest I've ever run in my life!!!

  6. YEAH!!! That a girl. :)

    And love the family Christmas card photo...we were so cool back then. So cool. And the pic of Kari. Ummm...we really need to go to Washington....DC.

  7. Good luck with the 5k! Awesome job running 3.7. Just be careful not to increase your mileage too much too quick or you can get injured. Take care!

  8. I like you. I don't have anything to say about cats but I wanted you to know that I read your blog.


    PS-- I think in that last picture you posted--of both kitties--Edwyn is perfecting Blue Steel.

  9. I love your kitties! I have a kittie, too. He's a stinker, but I love him anyway. Even if he does hog the bed at night. I want another baby so bad I can't stand it but I don't think he'll have any part of it.

    Kitties are the best!


  10. Cute Cats!!!

  11. Wow! I too had a cat named Edwyn! Sadly he just passed away, but what's really remarkable is how much they both look like each other! Hug & enjoy your Edwyn!