Thursday, September 3, 2009

I'm shrinking!

Hola, friends! Thanks for the props on my running progress! I hope I’ve inspired just one of you to get off the couch and work it :)

So the other day when I was shopping for my new multivitamin, I wandered into a couple of clothing stores. I’ve been wearing skirts aaaaaall summer, and my dress pants from the spring are just a bit too big. They still work, but I feel frumpy in them. Basically, I was looking for some new dress pants or some skirts that will work for fall.

I had a coupon for Express, so I grabbed some things here and there to try on. I wound up with a royal blue shirt (large), a navy blue high-waisted pencil skirt (size 10) and a pair of black Editor pants … SIZE 8!!!!! I could wear them now, but they’re a little muffintoppy. Give me a week or two and they’ll fit just fine.

Here’s the skirt. So cute! I’ll be able wear this all year round.

I also dropped in to New York and Company because they had a sweet sale going on. The style of clothes here is always hit or miss for me, but I remained hopeful. I tried on a bunch of shirts and skirts and ended up purchasing:

A royal blue cardigan (large)

A chartreuse ruffle top (medium)

This purple colorblock skirt (medium) for only $7.99!

And this black high-waisted pencil skirt that I wore to work yesterday
SIZE 8, baby!!! (And for less than $10!)

I haven’t been a size 8 since high school. And even then I just had one pair of size-8 jeans … that I couldn’t breathe in. I know I’m not a size 8 in every store yet, but it feels SO DARN GOOD to have that number on the tag. Yippie for me!
You might have also noticed my new Sigg bottle in the picture above. There she is! My new baby! I bought her a couple of weeks ago after I lost my last Sigg bff. I was the personal attendant for one of my best friends, and I must have gotten caught up in some wedding weekend chaos or something.

I’m growing to love my new bottle, but evidently not fast enough because I forgot it at home today. Bummer. Didn’t drink much water today either. In case you couldn’t see it well enough in the picture, here’s a closeup.

No more solid-color bottle for me. I’m a design girl now! I chose the Reduce Reuse Recycle design because a) I like to remind myself of how awesome it is to use a reusable bottle, b) I thought it would make me more mindful of recycling at home and not just at work, and c) because my only other option at REI was black.

I love love love having my 1-liter bottle with me at work. I always drink at least two before quittin’ time, and I usually drink more water once I get home. As I’ve said before, hydration is the key to happiness.
Well, that’s it for today, folks. I’m off to go for a walk around the lake with Leah and then watch Project Runway. Ciao!


  1. Great news on the size of the skirt - it's such a little rush, isn't it??

    LOVE the new bottle too. :o)

  2. ok so mike and i laughed at your OLD water bottle pic w/the "i will miss you" tag line. By the way, Mike saw your new pencil skirt pic and was like "wow! look at her!" He couldn't believe it, you are tiny and should be proud! I also truly liked the "1 pair of size 8 pants...that i couldn't breathe in." i can picture you saying that. love you best friend!

  3. YAY! that is awesome. the best feeling, no? xoxo

  4. Awesome job on the size 8!!! Isn't it awesome when we surprise ourselves like this?! Happy shopping!

  5. Too much to say, need to make a list...
    A) You look GORGEOUS. Seriously. You have plain ol' gorgeous features that belong in magazines.
    B) Size 8?! HIP HIP HOORAY!
    C) I love your taste in clothes! Great choices!
    D) Love the Sigg. Have wanted one but have been waiting for a special occasion to splurge!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Dude - you look awesome! Loving that navy high waist skirt - it's super cute! I'm loving all my skirts for the autumn - such good transition wear! I swear running's kicking my butt into shape too - god I love that! Body Combat's also done amazing thing's for my arm and leg definition - love, love, love it! Keep up the good work!

  7. Congrats on the great clothing finds and the size 8's!!!! Love the new bottle, too!

  8. LOVE the Sigg, I bought the "Sweat once a day one" a few week ago & inspired my boyfriend to get one too! He loves it! :)

  9. I love the blue cardigan and pencil skirt-I think I'm shopping this weekend!

  10. hot hot hot momma! You look great in your size 8 skirt! What a great way to celebrate your accomplishments :)

    I am working from home today and man oh man, am I WAY behind on my water - off to go chug chug chug-a-lug!

  11. Yeah for single digits! Love it! Cute clothes choices too - looks like I need to hit the mall soon.

    Have a great long weekend!

  12. Sweet! Buying new clothes (Especially in a smaller size) always makes me feel good! It actually makes my day. Have a great weekend!


  13. I bought THE SAME purple cardigan and chartreuse ruffle top from NY & Co. I pair it with a white and chartreuse pin-striped flower pin and black or gray pants. And you're right, it's hit or miss there.

    Love your site!

  14. I love buying clothes in a smaller size. I have two pairs of size 6!!! jeans, and I can't remember wearing that size since junior high school. Great job on the running, and have a great weekend!

  15. I love the pic of you in your new skirt! You look so happy! :)

    I love all the clothes you got. And what awesome deals... I also went shopping last weekend and got some pretty great things (for example, a pair of nice work pants for $5.43 at New York & Company...).

  16. Killer deals!! And way to go on shrinking, you look amazing!

  17. Such cute clothes! I want to go shopping!!!!!

  18. You look fabulous!!! Love your new clothes!! :)

    Your new water bottle rocks too!! I have my eye on a new waterbottle too! Love the colours on yours!

  19. AMANDA! You are looking so good. Way to go on the size 8. So happy for you! ! !

  20. You look amazing. Big-time congrats on the size 8. That is my goal too (I used to wear size 6 or 8 everything and crept up to 10s and 12s)! I'll be glad to exit the double-digit sizes one day. I LOVE the color and style, too. And the new bottle is too cool--might have to check out the Sigg website.