Tuesday, July 14, 2009


GRRR. How frustrating!

So I woke up Saturday morning at 158.8, and I was TOTALLY pumped. Yet, at last night’s weigh-in, I was 161.8. LAME-O. Yea yea, I know I should have passed on the garlic cheese bread Saturday night at Old Chicago, but I had gone for a 4.8-mile walk Saturday afternoon and a 3.2-mile run/jog/walk Sunday morning.

Turns out the garlic cheese bread stays with you. As you see, for me, it’s staying on my midsection — where my excess weight tends to set up camp. (At 4 POINTS a pop, what was I thinking!?) You’ve been warned.

Jen’s been having a thing goin’ on where you can send her your sweaty pics. I’m trying really hard to get sweaty, but I’ve never been big on the waterworks. However, since the beginning of time, if I do anything active, my face gets BEET red. It was always embarrassing when we’d do the mile run in elementary through high school. My face would be red all day, and of course everyone would say something about it. I’ve always been ashamed … until now. After seeing all the sweaty pics, I know that I’m OK. It just means I’m working my butt off!

Here I am after my Sunday-morning run/jog/walk. I had places to go and people to see that day, so I was really pounding the pavement. I kept thinking to myself, if I’m gonna get sweaty, today’s the day. As usual, I wasn’t, but I got a red face — and I’m OK with it! Too bad I didn’t get a chance to snap a picture at my full beet-redness, but I thought I’d partake in the fun and be part of Jen’s cool group :)

Oh! I didn’t even mention! After my WW meeting last night, I came home and ate dinner, watched a little bit of a movie and then went for a 4.8-mile run/jog/walk. (I can’t even handle myself these days. What a lifestyle change!) That August 1 Challenge deadline is approaching soooo fast, and I need to kick it into high gear if I want to even come close to my goal.

At the last two meetings, we’ve talked about eating the fresh produce that is readily available this time of year. We’re supposed to focus on eating at least three different colors of fruits and vegetables each day. And, of course, at least five servings a day. I don’t have a problem with this anymore, but I remember the days when I would maybe have one serving of fruit/veg in an entire day. Ugh. How did I live?

At work, we have a Carrot Club, but it goes well beyond carrots. There are about 15 members and we take turns bringing veggies (with the occasional fruit). Each of us only needs to bring stuff every three weeks, but we always know there will be an assortment of healthy goodness each day. No vending machine devil foods for me!!! Genius, right? (I didn’t think of it.) The picture above is my veggie tray from last Friday. As I was grocery shopping, I was really mindful of choosing various colors. I’m pretty happy with the results! Baby Boy tomatoes, green and yellow peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and red grapes. A rainbow of fun!

Here’s a picture of my favorite sandwich I’ve been making at home lately. It’s VERY low in POINTS (only 1, if I’m doing my math correctly), so I’m able to use my POINTS for other meals and snacks. This sandwich is two slices of 40-calorie bread, two tomato slices, one red onion slice, romaine lettuce, yellow mustard, salt and pepper. OH! Just thought of something! I should add avocado. It would add some POINTS and some good fat. Yummm.

That’s about it for now, friends. I’m thinking about having a contest (with a prize!) soon, so keep checking back often. Why don’t you just add the URL to your favorites while you’re at it ;) Peace.


  1. What 40 cal bread is that?! I've searched the bread aisle high and low and the lowest I've found is about 80 calories/slice! I use a low calorie hamburger bun for my sandwiches, and it's 80 calories. I'd love two bread slices for the same count!

  2. Wow, I love the Carrot Club you have at work! What an awesome idea! You are doing great on your veggies; love your sandwich...

    And don't feel badly about the weigh-in; weight flactuates a bit for so many reasons... You are doing great!

  3. I already commented on Sarah's blog, but in case any other readers are curious, Villiage Hearth makes 40-cal bread and Sara Lee makes 45-cal bread. I found a whole sunflower seed in my Villiage Hearth 12-grain bread, so it's my fav.

  4. AMANDA MY DARLING! I loved the post and I think I'm gonna try that sandwich, or maybe 5 of them. Love you so much! You are doing great!

  5. Love the face Amanda, it looks like you've been to the beach in the sun. Keep up the hard work.

    When we had the coffee shop, these older ladies would come in and ask for veggie sandwiches. They loved them. I think I'll have one for lunch today.

  6. HAHAHA...love the picture of you with cheesey bread on your midsection! So creative and definetly right where it goes!

    I never used to be a veggie no meat type of girl BUT I had a veggie pizza about a year ago and suprise suprise, it was good! (who knew, right?!). Since then, I've ventured out and tried veggie sandwhichs at good 'ol Subway and yet again, it was GOOD!

    Yesterday, I got the idea to bring a wrap to work and go down to our shiny cafeteria here at work and grab some veggies of my own liking. OMG, I am so addicted now! Veggie wrap for lunch today! Meat? eh, no need!

  7. I love that your work has a "Carrot Club!" My work isn't big on snacking during the day because most of the employees are seeing patients all the time, but I wonder if we could start something maybe once a week...hmmm. Something to think about! Oh, and you look cute in your work-out pic! I get so much more red and disgusting looking, which sucks :(

  8. Thats called sheer luck...I get sweaty within the 1st 10 minutes by 20 its sheer waterworks...30 its damn near a flood LOL!

  9. Loved the post, glad to finally find your blog, been reading jens blog with interest.

    Keep Up the good work.

    I have just taken a shiny red picture for the wall of fame! you know what, its a great feeling!


  10. Love the red face! I'm a sweater, but I do get the red face too...best of both worlds! That looks exactly like the sandwich I make (but with turkey breast on it), and you gotta love how filling it is for the calories.

    I usually take my low weight of the week as my weigh in - my weight fluctuates a lot so it's the best judge of how I'm doing IMO than what I weigh on any given day. Good luck this week!

  11. That sandwich looks terrific - I'm not a big veggie person but I'm learning. I will make this for a good alternative to my usual.