Wednesday, July 8, 2009

It's a Win Win Win!

(Originally posted on on May 21, 2009.)

Happy day four of Amanda, another priorfatgirl’s guestbloggapalooza! Wooo! On with the show … With spring and summer comes a variety of charity events involving walking, running, biking and other activities. Have you done one already this year? Do you have one planned? I think this is the perfect way to support a good cause … and you get to work your bod!

I participated in the Animal Humane Society’s Walk for Animals a couple of weeks ago, and I plan to walk for this cause every year. My team members and I raised money beforehand ($920!) and spent a gorgeous Saturday morning walking five miles with other animal lovers and a ton of dogs (and even a few goats and a minihorse — not kidding). Here’s a pic of Morgan, Jen and me after the five-mile trek.

We made t-shirts the night before and wore matching sunglasses to show our team spirit. We had a blast, got some exercise outside AND supported a wonderful cause. It’s a win win win! A huge thank you to those reading this who supported our team (Applause for Paws … cutest name ever). You rock! Doesn’t it sound like it was a great time? If you’ve never thought of doing something like this before, why not start now? Choose a charity that’s close to your heart and go for it!

After the walk, Morgan and I went to the Mall of America (a humungous mall, for those who don’t know). Hey, we’d already walked more than five miles, why not click a few billion more steps onto the old pedometer, right?

We spent maybe four hours at the mall, and by the end of the day I was a worn-out crabapple … with fab legs! Haha :) I was a bit testy by day’s end, but it was a great day overall.

I’m mentioning a day like this because I totally count longish walks — leisurely or not — and shopping as working out. OK, not “working out,” but I do count them as my physical activity for the day. I don’t know about you, but when I’m at the mall, I’m on a mission. Perhaps it’s because I want to limit my time with the people who absentmindedly hit me with their shopping bags, but more likely because I enjoy moving faster now. My body can handle it, so why not work it? I mentioned in my priorfatgirl debut post that I have a habit of only working out when it’s disguised as something else. That’s not completely true anymore because I go for walks around the lake from time to time and do free weights and crunches before bed (when I remember …), but I don’t do as much “real” working out as I probably should.

I’ve been making a lot of excuses lately. I’m too busy. I’m too tired. I’m too _________. If you can think of it, I’ve probably used it as an excuse. I need to quit that ASAP because it’s becoming a very bad habit. You know what they say about excuses, right? Excuses are like buttholes; we’ve all got ’em and they all stink! So so true.

I’m hoping that I’ve given myself the necessary kick in the pants now that it’s out there for the world to read. Any fun workout ideas are always welcome, too :)

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