Wednesday, July 8, 2009


(Originally posted on on May 18, 2009.)

Hello, friends! I’m pumped that Jen’s letting me fill in while she’s in Mexico all week (jealous), and I hope you’re pumped, too :) Here goes day one …

It finally it me: I’m getting thin! Obviously I know that I’ve lost more than 55 pounds, but the way I see myself has not really caught up with the reality of what I look like. Until now! I can finally see it when I look in the mirror in the morning, and I’m excited when I see myself in pictures. Three specific events in the past few days have helped me come to this realization:

First, I went to a concert Thursday evening and actually had fun getting ready in a hurry. A year ago, I’d try on 10 things, be disgusted with each, and choose the one that made me look the least like a chunker. However, the other night I tried on a few things and I felt great in all of them! I opted for a dress that I’d worn two months ago — with Spanx. NO SPANX NECESSARY THIS TIME! Hey-o! Here’s a picture of me and my friend Trevor after the show. (Thanks for winning the tickets and inviting me, Trevor! Holla!)

Did I mention that Kelly Clarkson was the headliner?! She’s sooo talented and I’m incredibly jealous of her voice — I’ve been known to sing “Breakaway” for karaoke :) The main reason I like her is that she can really sing (unlike some other peeps on the radio). Not just sing, though — she rocks. When she performs live she’s not just singing the radio versions of her songs; she belts them out and throws in special surprises that make you go, “Wow. She can sing!” (Actually, Trevor and I turned to each other a couple of times and did just that.) Also, I like her because she is beautiful at any size. I know people criticize her size, but HELLO! SHE’S HUMAN! Just because she’s famous does not mean that she needs to be a size 0. I think she looked great the other night, and here’s a pic of her jammin’ out.

OK OK, now back to me. The second thing that made me realize my priorfatgirlness was that I put on an old belt and I was on the last hole! I’m not even sure I used the last hole when I wore the belt four or five years ago. I’ve missed wearing belts because I never needed them when my fat was holding up my pants. I’m so excited to wear this belt again because I think it’s the cutest! I’ll probably make another hole in it when I get past the last one :)

The third reason I finally FEEL skinny is that I went shopping for a new dress and had options. That might sound weird since a mall obviously presents many options, but there was a long time when I would try on a ton of things and needed to choose the only thing that fit, even if I didn’t love it. This time, however, I tried on a ton of things that fit and purchased the item I LOVED. Boy, does that feel good! It was actually a bit difficult to choose which dress I liked the most, and now I know what it’s like to shop where I want and buy what I want instead of being so limited by my size. I can’t even imagine what I’m gonna feel like when I’m less than a size 10. Woo! I’m excited!

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  1. Okay, I've just found your blog and I love reading it!
    You are definitely an inspiration! And I couldn't agree more with the last paragraph here.
    Anyway, you look great and your blog definitely inspires me!