Monday, July 20, 2009

Wedding Season and WINNER!

I know I wrote that I’d announce the winner of the Camelbak water bottle contest over the weekend, but I was soooo busy. There IS a winner, though … and I’ll share that later ;)

I had dinner with a friend Friday night, and she came over afterward to try on some of my old clothes. She left with an overflowing garbage bag full of stuff I don’t need any more. Some of it was too big for me, and I got rid of some others to make room in my closet for new skinny-girl clothes. Anyway, we went to dinner and I made some BAD decisions.

It all started out with the hot spinach dip with chips. Kelly had NEVER had spinach dip before, so we NEEDED to get it. (Or at least that’s how I rationalized it.) By the time our meals came, we weren’t even hungry, yet I still managed to eat ALL of my waffle fries. I also had a spicy black bean burger, but I only had a few bites of that. I seriously felt sick to my stomach, but I just kept eating. Why do I do that? Masochistic, I guess.

I had been so good all week, too! I worked out 6 of 7 days last week and made healthy eating decisions. I know it’s fine to splurge every now and then, but I really shouldn’t have done it during Jen and Annabel’s Challenge. I already knew that my reaching that 154-pound goal was questionable (and pretty much nonexistent at this point), but I sabotaged my efforts anyway. Dumb. As of this morning, I weigh 160, so I’m down 4 pounds from when I began. Not too happy about it, but I’m not hating it either. I’ve still lost weight!

Back to my busy weekend. I went to the mall Saturday to buy a new shirt. I was specifically looking for a kelly green, short-sleeved shirt. I walked into Gap, and amongst other-colored shirts of the same style, I spotted a lone kelly green shirt — an XS.

Riiiiiiiight. I’ve never owned an extra small anything my entire life. I am an M or L girl. However, this shirt looked big enough, so I tried it on … and it fit! I live in reality, so I know the tag must have been marked incorrectly, but I’m still jazzed to have an XS shirt in my wardrobe now :)

Saturday night was my good friend Elizabeth’s bachelorette party. Here I am with the gorgeous bride-to-be. (Check out my new shirt AND my new ’do!)

We began at a winery in Stillwater, MN, for a tour and wine tasting. Someone snapped a shot of a VERY happy me. I could have been super happy about all the wine of the evening, but I’m guessing I was more pumped about all the cheese and crackers we got to eat.

Afterward, we had dinner at Chai’s Thai in Minneapolis. FAB FOOD! And spicy, let me tell you! Sometimes I would stick my tongue in my water while I was drinking it.

I had the green curry with tofu. I know it kinda looks like goo, but it tastes amazing when you put it on top of rice. The green, red and yellow peppers are really good after soaking in the green curry sauce. Although I’m guessing my entrée at Chai’s wasn’t that unhealthy, the many adult beverages and 5000 crackers with cheese aren’t going to aid in my efforts.

And now onto Sunday. I attended my friend Kim’s wedding and it was a blast. Although the adult beverages were flowing once again, I burned some major cals on the dance floor.

As you can see, there’s not even anyone around me, and I don’t care! I’m not a great dancer, but I sure like to have fun out there. I’m counting it as my exercise for the day because I really worked up a sweat. I didn’t manage to take many pictures of the evening, but I’ll try to post a better one of me if someone else took one. I love that dress and I wanna show it off!

And now for the main event — the contest winner! Congratulations,

Valerie @ Seattle Runner Girl

You are now the proud owner of a shiny green water bottle … if you email me your mailing address :)

That’s it for now. Later, loves.


  1. Congrats on the XS shirt! That's got to be exciting!

  2. You look great in that color and so tiny!!! :) How did you do your hair like that?

  3. YAY on the XS top. Its a great color for you! Shake your thing!! I love to dance!

  4. I love that shirt. I've never owned an XS either, don't think I ever will but it sure looks good on you.

  5. That colour looks gorgeous on you!! And you look so happy :)

  6. i am not sure what is up with all the sizes at stores these days. maybe baggy is in, or maybe they've finally realized they should size things smaller. you'll probably go back to the Gap b/c you are an XS there. so their marketing strategy works! not to say that you AREN'T an XS, but i've noticed this trend too.
    oh man, curry. I want. AK had a curry salad from the caf today, but the meat looked like Sloppy Joes.

  7. I love weddings! Looks like you had a fab time. =)

  8. Hooray! Thanks for the water bottle - I'll e-mail you my mailing address now. (I never win anything!!)

  9. Congrats on the XS! I actually got mad when I had an XS fit me - because I wasn't at my goal weight, I was afraid I wouldn't have clothes to fit me, hehe. I am usually a medium so I don't really have to worry about that, and I think I'll be ok if XS shirts are ever too small. :)

    Seems like you had fun at the wedding. No biggie on the splurge, it will come right off and you'll have a great weigh in next week!

  10. I know that dress...I love that dress...I was going to kill you if you didn't buy that dress.

    And I love you...and you look fabulous.

  11. WOW! An XS! That's awesome!!! And it looks absolutely beautiful on you too! (You really look wonderful - and the dress you wore to the wedding looks great too!)

  12. X-Small...How cool is that!!! Great hair and a fun dress. I'm glad you a fun week end.

  13. Amanda - those pictures of you are great! You look so slim and happy.

  14. Umm Amanda, answer me this, why are you so gorgeous? Like seriously! I see your face on magazines, hurry up with your modeling career so I can get a cut! Can I be your manager? congrats on the 4 pounds and the size XS! Yippey!!