Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I passed on the bread basket!

(Originally posted on on May 19, 2009.)

Hello again, all! Thanks for joining me on day two of filling in for Jen while she’s in sunny, warm, relaxing, wonderful Mexico :)

I ate dinner with my friend Alia on Saturday at one of my favorite Twin Cities restaurants — Good Earth. For everyone who lives in the area, there are locations in Roseville and Edina. This restaurant uses a lot of natural, fresh ingredients, local produce when possible, and basically it just rocks. They offer many vegetarian and vegan options, but they have food for everyone. I know there are restaurants like this everywhere, but Good Earth is one of my favs in the area.

During lunch and dinner they ask if you want a bread basket. There’s a few different kinds of fresh bread and crackers, and they serve them with HUMMUS (be still my heart). The most recent time I went, our server offered the bread basket and I said no. It helped that Alia couldn’t eat it, but I still could have — and I didn’t.This is a big deal for me! I LOOOOVE bread! Let’s be real here: my favorite food is toast. No joke. Anyway, we didn’t get the bread basket, and I lived through it. Didn’t even notice it wasn’t there, actually. Maybe this will become more of a regular occurrence for me?For my meal, I was debating between the Good Earth Planet Burger, which I’ve had before, and the Rustic Vegetarian Pizza. The Planet Burger (the best veggie burger I’ve had) is pretty neat because you can actually see the veggies, cashews and sunflower seeds that make up the burger. However, this time I chose the pizza.

Great choice on my part! Actually, the server said it was his favorite and I was sold.

It’s a homemade crust topped with fresh spinach leaves, oven roasted tomatoes, caramelized purple onions and artichoke hearts, topped with feta and mozzarella cheese. YUM! Believe me, it was as tasty as it sounds and looks, if not more so. I ate the whole thing … but hey, I passed on the bread basket, right?

Alia got steamed vegetables (cauliflower, broccoli, water chestnuts, celery, carrots and bean sprouts) with tofu and brown rice.I only had a couple bites of the rice and tofu, but it was pretty darn good. There was so much that Alia took about half of it home to eat for dinner tomorrow. Two meals for one price; can’t beat that!
While Alia and I were chatting, I realized that the water I was drinking at dinner was the first I had to drink all day. I couldn’t believe it myself! Me. The one who’s obsessed with water. I really do need to focus on drinking more water on the weekend, though. I was very appreciative that the server left a carafe of water on our table :)I’m glad the issue with the water happened. It really got it into my head that I’m lax about water during the weekend. It was 7pm and I was drinking my first glass of water for the day! Pitiful. Won’t happen again anytime soon, that’s for sure. What do you all do to get your water in every day?

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