Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Rockin’ the Pavement

(Originally posted on on April 28, 2009.)

Hello again! Thank you SO much for the kind words and encouragement two weeks ago. You like me! You really like me!

Your enthusiasm put an extra hop in my step, so I hopped on over to the mall to pick up some new workout shoes. Turns out new shoes were just what the doctor ordered! I’ve gone on a bunch of 1.5- to 2-hour walks, during which I carry 2-lb handweights for some extra intensity.

I really got into a groove and was walking every other day or so, but it was gloomy and rainy one day I had planned to walk. The old me would definitely use that as an excuse to sit around inside instead. BUT PRIORFATGIRL ME IS DIFFERENT! You know what I did that day? I RAN! Well, I ran/walked, but I picked up the pace and achieved my usual distance (about 4.8 miles) in record time! Holla!!!

My new attitude and new shoes are sweet, but music really keeps me moving. I wouldn’t last 15 minutes without my iPod. When I’m listening to upbeat tunes I never want to stop — and sometimes I keep going longer than planned!

So here’s my new thing: The songs determine my speed. I walk quickly during the verses, then I run for the length of the chorus or longer. Kanye West’s “Love Lockdown” was my inspiration, so here’s how it works.

VERSE (walk quickly): “I’m not lovin’ you the way I wanted to
What I had to do, had to run from you” …

CHORUS (run with a big smile on my face): “So keep your love locked down, your love locked downKeepin’ your love locked down, your love locked down” …

VERSE (walk, optional)

CHORUS (run, mandatory)

VERSE (walk, optional)

CHORUS (run, mandatory)

You get the idea. Usually I’m so pumped during the chorus that I don’t slow to a walk during the verses. If I do decide to walk again, I’m ONLY allowed to do it during the verses. Maybe this sounds totally lame and dorky, but it keeps me going! You should see me during good songs, though, because I get into it. I smile and mouth the words all while pumping my fists and running/walking to the beat. I’m sure the other people walking around the lake love the free show … or at least that’s what I like to think.

In case you need some new jams for your playlist, I’ve compiled some favs that kept me rockin’ the pavement these last two weeks. (Judge my taste all you want, but these songs are sweet.)

Salt-N-Pepa — Push It
Common — Universal Mind Control
98 Degrees with Stevie Wonder — True to Your Heart
Metro Station — Shake It
The Darkness — I Believe in a Thing Called Love
Fergie — Fergalicious
George Michael — Freedom ‘90
Gia Farrell — Hit Me Up
Joan Jett — I Love Rock N’ Roll
Journey — Ask the Lonely
And, of course, Kanye West — Love Lockdown

Please comment and suggest some other songs I should add to my iPod. I’m always interested in new music, especially when it pumps me up during a workout! Talk to you again in two weeks, new friends :)

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  1. I'm new to your blog and hoping to pick up the habit of jogging! I've gotten into a semi-regular treadmill routine a few times and I know exactly what you mean about the music! I would generally set up an up-beat playlist and try to make sure I jogged/walked through the whole thing... but your idea is so much better! I love the songs on your list..(I BELIEVE IN A THING CALLED LOOOOOVE) totally adding them to my iPod! I wanted to suggest a few for you (even though this post is months old! Hopefully you're still interested?)

    So What- Pink
    Get Up Stand Up- Bob Marley
    I Hate Everyone- Get Set Go (its funny and has an awesome pace!)
    Hot and Cold- Katy Perry
    Any song by MIKA!!
    Quarantine My Heart- Powerspace

    And honestly? The Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny soundtrack... It works everytime! I hope to one day be able to walk/jog through the entirety of it!