Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Happy Food Friday!

(Originally posted on on May 22, 2009.)

Hey, friends! Thanks for sticking it out with me all week while Jen’s in Mex! The original priorfatgirl will be back in action on Monday. I’m sure there will be plenty for her to talk about, and I can’t wait to see her sunny, colorful pics!

Today I’m writing about foods I like to eat when I go to restaurants. I don’t go out to eat that often anymore, but it’s funny how my menu choices have changed. If I’m out for breakfast, I’ll order a fruit cup on the side of my meal. If I have the choice between fries or a side salad, I’ll choose the side salad. OK, that’s not completely true, but I’ll pick the salad probably a third of the time :) If someone orders dessert, I’m completely satisfied after only a bite or two. Oh how times have changed … and I like the present times a lot more! I’m going to mention a few restaurants that I like. I love the food, but I also love that all of the following restaurants provide nutrition info on their Web sites. I find it helpful to decide what I’m going to eat beforehand so I’m not tempted by the naughty menu items when I’m sitting at the restaurant. Feel free to let me know what meals you choose at your fav restaurants. (I like to choose the same thing over and over, so keeping it fresh is nice.)

Jimmy John’s: I order the #6 Vegetarian sub without mayo — 411 calories. It’s only 290 cals if you subtract the cheese. I prefer my sub with extra alfalfa sprouts and I add onions. Extra veggies are always a plus!

Olive Garden: Soup, Salad and Breadsticks. Totally filling and nutritious meal for a fab price! I love the minestrone soup, which has 100 calories per bowl. I order my salad with dressing on the side and maybe dip my fork in it every few bites. One serving of salad without dressing is 120 calories. The breadsticks are the danger zone, so I try to limit myself to two (150 cals each! Yowza!)

Panera Bread: You Pick Two — Half Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich (310 cals) and a cup of Low-Fat Vegetarian Garden Vegetable Soup (70 cals). I think the Med Veg sandwich is the best one there, and I thought that even when I still ate meat. Try it; you’ll love it. Don Pablo’s: Chips and Salsa! Yikes. I just relearned that 12 chips and salsa is 338 calories. Now I’m remembering why I tried to forget that number when I found out the first time. If I’m being honest, I usually order a small cheese quesadilla (812 cals! Sick!). From now on I will order Mama’s Skinny Enchiladas (368 cals) or persuade my server to let me order off the kid’s menu (Cheese Enchilada Dinner — 515 cals).

Beverage of choice at all restaurants: WATER! Surprise! 0 cals!

I suppose it’s a good thing that I can’t think of any other chain restaurant I’ve been to lately. Like I said, I also chose restaurants that provide their nutrition information on the Web. Sometimes I have a minipanic if that information isn’t provided on the site. What are they trying to hide? A 5000 calorie salad?! I’d rather choose restaurants that let me know what I’m getting my body into.

Thanks for a fab week, loves! Peace.

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